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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Your Views on the News January 31, 2010

We've been so busy trying to keep up with all CNN's coverage of the disaster in Haiti that we haven't had a discussion post in a while. Now that the little CNN=Politics bug is back in our lives we thought you might want to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly...... or whatever.

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Anonymous said...

CNN really needs to get its act together.
Infomania compared CNN's stimulus desk
to going to staples and buying furniture.
In other words who cares. Are we suppose
to believe that CNN would really be honest
about what is in the stimulus. Now that the
news from Haiti is winding down look for
CNN to take a tumble. Until they fix things
during the day the prime tine lineup will
suffer. If people are not watching during
the day what makes them think people will
tune in at night, Just ask MSNBC people
are tiring of too much politics on that
channel as well. CNN will get it : watching
people go on and on about politics is
boring and not worth watching.

Anonymous said...

Glad CNN made such a wise decision in selecting Candy Crowley for SOTU. It put my faith back in CNN and found it surprising that they actually cherished knowledge and experience in someone older than say, a "Poppy Harlow," type.
She wouldn't disappoint, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

@6:38PM: I have to disagree that politics is boring. In SOTU, which I watched practically every Sunday, John King had a "way" of telling us about the poltical landscape and made it interesting. That's why he chose to do all 50 states. When it comes to politics John is "King."
It all depends who's doing the reporting. Yes, it can be trivial at times and we certainly don't need all the talking heads, but "Game Change" wouldn't be #1, if politics was so boring.

Anonymous said...

Later today the numbers for the month of
January will be out.CNN likely got a bump
with the earthquake in Haiti.

However, CNN does need to put more news
in it's shows.At least FNC is smart enough
to have a serious news show with the Fox
Report. Perhaps if 360 gets back to the things
that made it a truly unique news show CNN
can make gains.

Without a major news story it will be quite
interesting to see how CNN does for this
month. Don't forget the Olympics.

CNN can pass MSNBC by out smarting them.
It seems that people are tiring of Keith and
Rachel. MSNBC's strong focus on politics all
day long has cost them dearly,Let's hope
CNN does not make that mistake. All of
your shows does not have to have politics.
Content is king.CNN needs to develop a
fresh approach to the news. Every hour
tell me something I don't know not the
same thing over and over again.I am sure
that there are different news stories every

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to stop waiting for news to happen and fall into their laps. That's why talking about politics is a lot easier than making news happen, like investigative journalism. Do some REAL digging.
And they must stop relying on other outlets for their news. That's not news, that's rehashed hash.
Reporting on Haiti, though done well by AC and his team, was a news event because it fell into their laps. Sometimes you have to go beyond the printed word or waiting for an event to happen and cover something no one else is what The National Enquirer did in unearthing the John Edwards story. No one cared or bothered because they weren't given the leads. Well this gossipy magazine did what straight laced outlets didn't. INVESTIGATION

Anonymous said...

Poor Soledad O'Brien did very poorly filling in for AC on 360, but then ALL of CNN was a downer on Friday.
She happened to be opposite 20/20 which got its highest ratings interviewing Andrew Young who was John Edward's former puppet and also the author of the "Politician."
Don't think that name quite suits Edwards. It should've been entitled, "The Monster."

Anonymous said...

I agree that CNN needs to go beyond the daily
news from print and other sources. There are
hundreds of news stories worldwide each day.
Right now they are just too predictable and
that is a major problem because that means
there is no reason to watch CNN when you
have heard or seen it all before.CNN needs to
hire Conor Knighton to take on Glen Beck and
the entire Vanguard team from Current to get
fresh original material. I am not sure Current
is a safe place to be right now. It is getting
away from it's original intent.CNN could
expand it's news operation by hiring all of
these people. They won't be costly and
bring you stories that is ignored by MSM.
Yes cover the big stories of the day but
you have to mix things up and make things
interesting.CNN has forgotten that tv is a
visual medium. The internet understands
this in volumes. People want news beyond
the soundbites and stunts like the stimulus
desk. Does anyone expect CNN to really
be honest here?

Anonymous said...

Tonight's 360 really rocked.

Anonymous said...

While it was good to see AC back in the studio, I wouldn't say the show "rocked."
I think CNN's biggest mistake is not using their talent wisely. Not all field reporters are good anchors and not all anchors, are good field reporters.
Wolf Blitzer would fail miserably in Haiti, yet he's a good anchor.
John King, is very good at political analysis but would fail miserably if he had to report from Haiti and yet he is a marvel at the magic wall.
Anderson Cooper has proven to be very good out in the field and that's where he should remain. In the studio, he is often, boring. It is the reason he does not gain in the ratings.
CNN needs to analyze who they have and their strong points. One size doesn't fit all.

ACAnderFan said...

@Anonymous 11pm, I agree completely. 360 last nite did rock. One the best 360's I have seen in a long time.