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Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's Official, Candy Crowley to Host SOTU

It has just been announced that Candy Crowley will be the new host of CNN's Sunday morning State of the Union. She'll be replacing John King who is slated to host a new prime time hour of news weeknights beginning in February.
The NYT's is reporting that SOTU will be cut to one hour at 9 a.m., "followed by Fareed Zakaria GPS at 10 a.m. and Reliable Sources at 11 a.m. An updated edition of State of the Union will air at noon followed by a replay of GPS at 1 p.m.”
Congratulations Ms. Crowley!

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Anonymous said...

Finally, someone at CNN has a brain.
Congrats to Candy.

Anonymous said...

I had asked about this on another post and today I saw John King actually "hand over his keys" to the SOTU assignment to Candy.
Good for her, but she could have handled 2 hours, not just one.

Cyn said...

Congrats and well-done! She will be terrific.

I saw one announcement of the new schedule that said the second hour (the noon hour) will be an 'update' rather than a replay. Not sure whether that means there will commonly be new material there, but it sounds possible.

I hope Candy enjoys the new gig! We miss her blog posts!

Mary W. said...

Congratulations Candy!
So very happy to see an intelligent woman who will have her own show and give us her perspective on what goes on in our nation's capitol.
(So tired of seeing men speak for us!)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Candy, this is great for television news, simply because she seems like an honest-to-goodness reporter who doesn't suck up to the audience. Maybe things are changing, as the TV news producers begin to catch up with an audience that must inevitably be smarter than it was, say, 20 years ago.