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Monday, February 1, 2010

Ali Velshi Speaking At USC Tonight

Ali Velshi is the keynote speaker tonight at the University of Southern California. Here's the article from their website:

CNN's Chief Business Correspondent Ali Velshi kicks off CareerFest 2010 with a keynote on his personal career path and the state of the job market.

With questions and uncertainty surrounding the job market, students start to wonder about the implications on their future as they embark upon the journey into the workplace. Accordingly, the USC Career Planning and Placement Center and USC Spectrum proudly welcome Ali Velshi to share his experience and expertise on building a successful career.

Ali Velshi is CNN’s chief business correspondent; host of CNN weekend business roundtable program Your $$$$$; and anchor for Issue #1, the network’s in-depth coverage initiative on the single issue that matters most to CNN’s audience. Velshi also hosts The Ali Velshi Show, a weekly call-in radio program on both CNN Radio and Live. He fields viewer calls three times a week for the “Help Line” segment on Headline News’Headline Prime. Online users can also listen to Velshi’s podcast, The Ali V Podcast, available at and on iTunes.

Based in New York, Velshi has covered everything from the U.S. government’s bailout plan to Hurricane Katrina and the financial collapses of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, Enron and Lehman Brothers. In addition to hosting other shows such as
Insights, Business Unusual, Street Sweep, The Money Gang and The Turnaround, Velshi was awarded a fellowship to the U.S. Congress by the American Political Sciences Association in 1996.

Velshi’s latest book, titled
Gimme My Money Back, features simple and straightforward strategies of regaining money lost as a result of the current financial crisis. Velshi continues to be a prominent figure in financial news because his wisdom and honest analysis of the economy have gone unmatched throughout the years. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to gain some important insight on taking action to ensure a bright career.

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CNNfan said...

Ali is a member of our CNNfan community, and is very good to the fans. CNN made the right move promoting Ali Velshi because the fans love him.

Anonymous said...

I think before the year is out CNN will
change the 1-5 pm hours again.CNN
is not benefiting from the changes.
According to INC the ratings for the
4 pm are down. It never made sense
to do these changes. You just do not
put someone anchoring 5 days a week
who has not even proven themselves.
Ali should have been on the weekend.
TSR never had a problem at 4 it was
at 5 and 6. What CNN should have
done was to try and get something
going with CNN Tonight at 6 with
rotating anchors right before John
KIng's new show.TSR should be on
from 4-6.