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Thursday, February 11, 2010

TJ Holmes In The Loop

TJ Holmes has posted an Q&A with CNN's TJ Holmes:

11. What was your most important/difficult career decision?

Might sound crazy, but that might have been my decision to come to CNN three years ago. I’ve always kind of viewed myself as a small town boy who wanted to just settle in somewhere and just have an impact on a small community like the little communities I grew up in, so in deciding where I was going to go when I was leaving California where I was working at NBC in the Bay Area when I was looking at my next move and I really was debating about going to a couple of smaller places. I had options in smaller towns to be a local news anchor where you can get out and touch people every day.

At CNN, you have a wider reach but sometimes you feel like there’s a disconnect between you and your audience because you can’t just run into them at the grocery store or at Blockbuster. It may seem silly to some people or crazy like “How in the world could you consider giving up the opportunity at CNN for some smaller place,” but it’s something I did a lot of soul searching on. Glad I made the move I made but it was a a tough call. Much tougher than many people realize.

... to read the full interview (including Holmes' political aspirations): In the Loop with T.J. Holmes

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Anonymous said...

TJ has been doing a great job subbing for
John on American Morning all week.It will
be interesting to see if CNN will ever give
the man a promotion.

Anonymous said...

TJ, Don Lemon, and Fredricka, are all great. They all are on on weekends and I find them far better than what CNN offers during the week days.
I like Tony Harris, and Kiran Chetry, but those two are the only ones that sparkle and shine. Why not put some of the weekend talent on during the week days and see what happens rating wise.
But no, we get Rick Sanchez and Ali Velchi. Heavens only knows why.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:12 I am so with you, the weekend
talent is great and don't forget about Betty.
Hopefully someone will see the gems they
have on the weekend. That is the million
dollar question about the recent anchor
moves: why? I am sorry but Velshi and
Sanchez are just downright annoying.
I now watch HLN from 12-5. There was
no reason Wolf Blitzer should have lost
the 4 o'clock hour.In wake of CNN' getting
pounded on the breaking new about Bill
Clinton by Fox News, perhaps someone
is rethinking having a show like Rick's
List on the air when there is breaking
news.It makes your credibility go down
the drain. Someone needs to wake up.
It would be great if on weekdays we could
see TJ,Don, Fredricka & Betty. Maybe one
of them could replace Erica on 360 and
do the cut-ins and the other segments.
However, I am not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

If they ever promote Don, TJ , Fred and Betty.
I hope they move Richard Louie,Richelle Carey
and Melissa Long to CNN from HLN.

Anonymous said...

@10:AM: Erica is no longer on 360.
She got a real job at CBS. Hope they work her "you know what off," because she practically got paid for nothing on 360.

Anonymous said...

It is a no brainer.TJ,Betty & Reynolds,
Don & Fredericka should have made
the weekday schedule ahead of Ali.
IMHO the weekend morning show is
more energetic and TJ,Betty & Reynolds
are energetic and look like they enjoy
bringing you the news. You can't buy
that kind of chemistry.I love all of the
various segments with Fredericka's
Newsroom. From Josh to the new
Billboard top 10 I noticed yesterday.
Don is a rock solid journalist and
a really good interviewer. Maybe it
is just me but the people on weekends
seem to be more creative.I do wish
they would hire a couple of more
web people to work with Josh Levs.
Viral video should be on 7 days a week.
Discovering the best of the web is
a whole lot of work. people consume
tons of info daily, it is time for cable
news to provide a wide range of
programs.I would like to see more
sports stories on CNN also. Right
now I see CNN making the same
mistakes as MSNBC did with it's
dayside schedule.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Don is very good. And you are right. They all try very hard to present news in an interesting way.
I especially like Fredricka when she speaks with the attorneys about their opinions on legal matters. She is energetic and it makes you want to keep listening and she's on for four hours straight.
Today I tried to watch Sanchez for five minutes and it was tedious.
Gerri Willis is another one that has got to go. She's like Velchi, here, there, everywhere, no theme, no rhyme or reason, and says everything you already know....and no financial background. She came from HGTV!