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Monday, March 1, 2010

Candy Crowley: 20 Questions With The Hill

Candy Crowley CNN State of the Union Banner February 5, 2010

The Hill recently posted an interview with State of the Union host, Candy Crowley. Here are a few excerpts:

There’s been a lot of talk about you being the only woman to host one of the Sunday morning talk shows. How do you feel about that distinction?

It’s factually true that at this moment I’m the only woman in that genre, but it was not where I first went. When they offered me the job, I just looked at it as a journalistic opportunity. But so many women that I know and don’t know have said, “This is so great; this is so fun. I’ll be happy to see a woman on Sunday mornings.”


So have you effectively said goodbye to your weekends?

Apparently. I’m getting that feeling. Actually, I thought I let go of all seven days the first week. Saturday, when a lot of things are put together for the show — graphics and things — that’s my research day. We’re going to try to take Monday and Tuesday off … I’m really trying to get my rhythm on how this is going to work.


What kinds of political stories draw your attention?

It’s really the ones with the interesting people in it, because in the end, it is about the person. We all know there’s an X factor — there’s something about the person that draws people to vote, whatever that X factor is. Look, what has been one of the best stories the last two years? It’s Sarah Palin, and it’s not so much about her positions — it’s her. What is it that brings people to her or repels them from her?

... to read the full interview: 20 Questions with Candy Crowley

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