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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gracie Allen Award Winners

Congratulations to Jessica Yellin for her Gracie Award win. According to TV Newser Yellin won for Outstanding Hard News Feature. Other CNN winners include CNN Presents "Black In America" for Outstanding Documentary and Larry King Live for Outstanding Talk Show - News for their interview with Katherine Callaway Hall. A gala for the awards will be held in LA on May 25.

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Anonymous said...

Jessica Yellin and Black In America both deserve their awards, not Larry King and he's often not live. The best talk show host...of which decade??

Anonymous said...

I am wondering will Yellin eventually
replace Campbell Brown.CNN has to
make some decisions about where it
is going a network. Right now they
look like they don't have a clue.Just
like the internet they need to update
the stories every 10-15 minutes and
change the content every hour, You
can't do the same thing all day long
and expect for people to watch in
prime time. Perhaps she can replace
Ali or Rick. Maybe it is me but I am
starting to get the feeling that the
network brass doesn't think that
women anchoring solo can handle
breaking news. That is exactly why
CNN is failing, who says the answers
are men?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Look at Diane Sawyer and Katie Couric. CNN does give women a chance. But for some reason, they never pick the right women. Campbell Brown has zero audience empathy. No one cares whether she's there or not.
Katie does interviews and she's likeable, and so is Diane. Campbell does not relate well to the viewer. Jessica, maybe, not as well tuned as Soledad or as sharp.
Soledad O'Brien is a CNN gem that is totally under valued. She relates well to an audience, is bi-lingual and smart. She should take Campbell's spot.