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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ratings For The Week of March 8th

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

Until Anderson or Larry starts getting 200,000
thousand or more in the demo I would say CNN
is in free fall. Now that Christiane Amanpour is
leaving Jim Walton is saying they will be making
some announcements about program changes.
Let's hope he cancels Rick's List and remove
Ali Velshi from anchoring duties. That would
signal to me that CNN is serious and actually
wants to fix the problems.TV Newser has both
letters from Walton and David Westin at ABC.
Guess what, ABC is looking to also add
international elements. Also,there was one
thing I found interesting in the Westin note.
He said he had approached Christiane over
the years and she never jumped ship until
now, There is a reason for that. I would
say it was once CNN hired Rick Sanchez
and decided to make him the face of the
network. There was no reason for the
changes and in the end it is proving to
be a disastrous decision that is dragging
down CNN. Once you lose viewers it is
very hard to get them back.

Anonymous said...

March madness is here so the numbers will
be low until the tournament will be over.
I hope Jim Walton is looking to replace Jon
Klein.I am willing to bet morale is pretty
low at CNN these days.I am not too sure
if CNN is committed to news these days
and that is why Amanpour is leaving.CNN
doesn't look like a world wide news org.

Anonymous said...

360's numbers have not been bad this week. Possibly because LKL had good lead-ins and that's a factor, but you are right about losing Christiane. As long as I've seen her, she has always been on CNN. 60 Minutes should have picked her up a long time ago, assuming there will be an upcoming merger between CNN and CBS.
I've also noticed the tendancy to repeat segments again and again and use it as a filler the following day or keep on the same theme. News is 24/7 now and there's no excuse for it.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure that Larry and Anderson bring
in the same type of viewers.I think the content
is a whole lot better on 360 these days.IMHO
the best story last night was the story about
the family in the shelter. One thing : I would
like to see the face of the person behind the
story and how they came about doing the
story. This is the type of journalism that CNN
should bring us more of.I think Anderson said
a producer was behind the story.I hope that
CNN gives it's journalists, be they producers
writers,photographers , anchors or reporters
and the entire news staff the opportunity to
be creative and revive storytelling.It was
like the producer was embedded with the
family and spent time with them and got
to know them enough for them to be
comfortable telling their story.I don't
know if you guys noticed but there seems
to be a brand new 360 promo focusing
on news. That story on the family at the
shelter is type of story I see with the
media bar and no crawl or graphics let
everything collapse except the CNN logo
until the story is finished.

Anonymous said...

I am one of those viewers who starts with King and stays for AC, so lead ins are important. If you follow the trend on TVN, it is usually the case. LKL has always had the strongest prime CNN show and AC always followed. It was set up that way. Take LKL away and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

I will be interesting to see if AC 360 can
get closer to 1 million viewers.By the way
have you guys notices there is a new 360
promo that is now running on CNN. AC's
is having a pretty decent week for ratings.
Why is CNN ignoring the SXSW music fest.

Anonymous said...

CNN is in trouble for embracing the bigots
that are members of the Tea Party. Today
there is not denying after the racial and
gay slurs aimed a law makers. Now the
whole world knows the truth and CNN
is duped yet again.

Anonymous said...

CNN should not be using the phrase kill the
bill.A professional journalists should know
better than to repeat the rallying cry for
Republicans.CNN's biased coverage of health
care is a huge reason why their ratings are
tanking and will continue to go down.

Anonymous said...

@8:15AM "Kill the Bill" came directly from FOX NEWS. It is not the reason, CNN's ratings are down.