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Monday, March 15, 2010

Your Views On The News March 15, 2010

There was a lot of buzz on the Internet last week about changes that may or may not be coming to CNN. As a long time AC360 watcher I have noticed a difference in the program's direction during the last few weeks. Less panels and more diverse stories on a wider range of topics have been a welcome change. Here are a few observations from insiders about what maybe in the works for American Morning. The Wrap wrote:"CNN – which has been shuffling its weekend and evening lineups of late – is developing a new morning show pilot, with a format closer to MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and “Fox & Friends” than anything it has ever done, TheWrap has learned......
But according to one source familiar with the network’s development process, CNN is testing a concept that would include personalities with dueling political ideologies and opinions. That would be a bit of a departure for CNN, which considers itself to be a bipartisan, journalistically-driven network unlike its rivals at Fox News and MSNBC. (CNN does have a roving band of politically-charged commentators like Mary Matalin and Ed Rollins, but other than Lou Dobbs and the late "Crossfire," never had them host.)
A CNN insider, however, stressed that the programming and talent department are “always testing new talent” and formats, and that the pilot in question is not similar to “Morning Joe.”
It’s also unclear how the pilot would affect CNN’s current a.m. offering, “American Morning.” While the show, hosted by Kiran Chetry and John Roberts, is in second place in the ratings behind “Fox & Friends,” the gap is widening.
According to Nielsen, “American Morning” is down 30 percent across the board in 2010."
Medialite took The Wrap's story a few steps further and wrote:
"In some ways, what’s happening in the morning at CNN is symptomatic of a larger issue at CNN – where hard news continues to drive prime time as well. While the formula may have worked in the past, the ratings are declining, and CNN hasn’t evolved in the same way the competition (FNC, MSNBC and even sister-network HLN) have.
Another element to this is Kiran Chetry, who came over from Fox News (very suddenly) almost three years ago exactly. Would a change at CNN in the morning coincide with her contract being up? CNN had no comment (although, regarding Chetry, others yesterday did).
One final note – in TVNewser’s write-up yesterday they highlight “another top-line talent may bolt the cable channel when her contract expires. We hear she’s being wooed by one of the big 3 news divisions.” It would make sense that this person is Christiane Amanpour, whose name has been rumored for the vacant This Week job. In that case, it wouldn’t directly related to CNN’s morning show changes (or non-changes). "

And while we're on the topic of Christiane Amanpour,
TVNewseris reporting that she was offered the job at ABC News and has not decided where her future lies.

Someone who has found her future is Gerri Willis, who has signed with Fox Business News. Willis will host a primetime weekend program called Willis Report. When announcing the new hire Roger Alies,FBN chairman and CEO, said "Most of the CNN talent have been restrained from showing what they can do."

So there you have some of the latest developments in CNN's struggle back up the viewship ladder. We look forward to your views on the news.

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Anonymous said...

Gerri Willis has given this CNN viewer, no indication regarding her
financial background or intellect that she "was restrained." Really? You mean she knew about a financial melt down all along and she wasn't telling us. As they say on SNL...No, Really??

Anonymous said...

CNN clearly has a women's issue. Why are
the women leaving CNN ? Now they are
the verge of losing Christiane Amanpour.
At this point unless they offer her a huge
opportunity like Campbell Brown's slot
It is absolutely appalling the way CNN
treated Heidi Collins,Kyra Phillips and
Erica Hill. Betty Nguyen was right to leave
and I would advise Amanpour to do the
same. When people are looked over in
favor of Ali Velshi and Rick Sanchez you
know the network is all downhill.Besides
the management has ruined the network
beyond repair.

Anonymous said...

CNN just doesn't get it. It looks like more
talk and less news. Does anyone watch CNN
for talk. From what John King said tonight
CNN is just going to become talk radio. Last
I checked television is a visual medium .It is
clear CNN is opposed to health care reform
and they are too close to the Tea Party.CNN
is useless and that is why people are not
watching.CNN will soon be trailing CNBC.

Anonymous said...

At the 10PM hour, they are trailing MSNBC. AC rarely beats Olberman or Maddow at 9PM or their re-runs. I think that is one reason AC has reservations about going to CBS. He has a following but it is mostly on the internet.
Klein was hoping Ali and Rick would be the "Glen Beck" of CNN, but these two duds have nothing to offer and no redemable talent.

Anonymous said...

I think Anderson can host 60 minutes and
still do 360.I think that is what CBS is asking
him to do without leaving CNN.It is simple
you can't just put anyone in the anchor chair
because you are CNN. Someone at CNN needs
to hire someone to develop programs. Maybe
for 4 hours CNN could anchorless and just
have the reporter introduce original reports
they file and run extended exclusive versions
you won't get anywhere else.It is fairly simple
just use a 5 second intro graphic to show
what the story is all about and mix in
music and step up the production to give
it a flavor. Use real time updates for the
top stories like you see when you are on and have the media bar which
everyone is used to with I-tunes. To the
left you have the total time and to the
right you have time elapsed. Anything is
better than Rick and Ali.IMHO you need
a fast paced news program in the morning.
I don't think you need to see any packages
on CNN until around 9 am . I do think
AM should ad a sports and music segment
and news from the internet but please
quit going to the political blogs for news.
Digg is way more interesting and a great
tool is Google most popular.I agree that
Rick and Ali are duds. These 2 are really
bad and they make CNN look really bad.

Anonymous said...

>Anything is
better than Rick and Ali.


Anonymous said...

I think you are right about 360. According to
TVN, 360 had pretty decent ratings and seem
to be on an upswing rather than going down.
That said, CNN is a crumbling news network.
I know I will not be watching John King since
CNN hired the red state guy who was recently
on CNN saying people are unemployed because
they want to be and is rewarded with a job at
CNN. Also, during the 2 hours of twitter dumb
today. CNN aired anti Jewish comments and
it was highly inappropriate and I can tell
there is a huge backlash brewing against CNN.

Anonymous said...

Does Ed Henry even know what is being
proposed in the health care bill because
he was factually wrong on 360 he said
that the cornhusker kickback is in the
bill only I watched Diane Sawyer tonight
and that is not true.CNN can't even get
the story right.

Anonymous said...

I too noticed that AC's ratings are on the upswing but it could have been the content. Even though everyone says they aren't interested in sleeze and Reille Hunter, Edward's mistress, they are. LK had a good lead in and AC carried the story further. Will have to wait and see if this is a trend. I did notice less panels.

Anonymous said...

The last thing CNN needs is another pundit.
CNN has just lost 3 people to CBS and they
are hiring pundits.

I think this is the mindset of CNN management:
Look at FNC;s ratings maybe if we find a Beck
and imitate them our ratings will go up.

Except the opposite is happening. When Beck
was on HLN he did not get those type of ratings
because HLN viewers didn't like him that much.

In recent months CNN has gone panel crazy
and the ratings are going down and not up.
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to
see that your viewers don't like the pundits.

Wake up CNN it is not the 90's and you
have more competition from the web
and for the first time this year people
who are not boomers will be the majority.
Yet CNN thinks annoying anchors and
ideologues are the answer. they are
forgetting one crucial element/People
have to like what they are seeing to
tune in and not drop out. Rick Sanchez
and Ali Velshi are not likable they are
not worth watching .

350 seems to have finally listened and
is doing more focused interviews.CNN
needs to get away from the talking heads.
I don't need to know what people on
your payroll think. I just want to find out
what is going on.

Look at the success of Morning Express
and the demo numbers. They are a hit
because in the morning people don't
need the I think this or that.So what
I can broadcast my thoughts on You Tube
and Face Book. You coming on tv with
your opinions just don't connect because
it is not relevant as Jon Stewart bluntly
told CNN a while back.

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like Christiane is moving on
and I say good for her. There is no need for
Amanpour to stay at CNN the worldwide news
loser. That's right the goal at CNN is to lose
viewers and insult people's intelligence.Have
no journalism standards and you can go far
at CNN. Heck if you are awful anchoring the
news you get promoted with a 2 hour show.
Not a good place for career opportunities if
you are a good solid journalist because we
have no idea what news is and we misuse
technology to try and bring in the hipster
kids but hey they realize we are an absolute
joke and are too lazy to do our jobs so we
will just run propaganda via twitter for 2
hours. Finally, if you are stupid enough to
think these ideas are great you will make
it to the top management ranks really

Anonymous said...

I agreed with you about last week's AC360 showing improvement but this week they are back to the same old stuff, and the ratings reflect it.

I really like Amanpour but I don't think she's a good fit for ABC's Sunday morning program. I know I wouldn't tune in to watch.

Anonymous said...

Ed Henry should definitely not be the White
House correspondent. Rachel Maddow seemed
to know the bill and had times as to when the
measures will go into effect. Ed Henry is never
right about anything. CNN seems to be the
only channel who thinks health care is not
going to pass and keeps trying to scare the
public. What gives? I've noticed that whenever
Henry is on 360 the ratings are down. That
is no coincidence since he has no credibility.
Yet again tonight he can't get the facts

Anonymous said...

CNN's graphics are horrible and can they
quit shooting the televisions in the studio.
I did not buy a 55 inch HD television to see
another tv. That is the most ridiculous thing
ever.It will be really annoying to watch if you
buy one of those 3D televisions. Panasonic's
3D model has already sold out. There is too
much clutter on the screen. Even HLN has
everything sync up on a single line.

Anonymous said...

I hope American Morning doesn't change! Kiran and John are great together. I love watching a morning show that is anchored by intelligent and informed liberal Democrats like Kiran and John. Who wants a show that has people of differing views? It only makes for loud and confusing viewing. Keep the current format and team.

Anonymous said...

7:47AM A few errors in you monologue. Beck was never, to my knowledge on HLN. He came from CNN and it isn't 350 or that might have been a is 360.
"The first time this year, boomers will not be the majority." Guess what? I'm a boomer and I don't know where you got your made up statistic, but we are in the majority and will be for quite some time, get used to it.
We do agree on Ali and Rick, but so does most of the population not watching either of them.