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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ratings For The Week Of April 26th and the Month of April

Ratings For The Week of 4/26

1 - Based on four nights of regular programming

Ratings For The Month of April

2 - Special programming was aired on one night
3 - Special programming was aired on 7 nights

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

I posted the DVR data portion of my post on ATA. According to an industry cable executive in the tri-state area, the DVR commercial asking viewers to tape the BIG INTERVIEWS on 360, are pushing the show's ratings up. This is deceptive viewing because many people tape things they never watch and Neilsen doesn't care, but it gets counted least that's the way I understood it. In fact it could be counted double because you could be watching and taping at the same time and that's what they want...and CNN really needed this boost.

Anonymous said...

I think you have to eventually watch the show.
I actually stopped recording the show, but since
it is getting better, I put it back on. It is simple,
most 18-34 year olds and 18-49 year olds own
a DVR it is essential. Perhaps Neilsen has changed
the way they do ratings. There has been some
talk about changes. That is the funny thing about
ratings.At one point Neilsen had something as
complicated as DVR plus 3, plus 5 or plus 7.
You might want to ask Bill over at TV by the
Numbers he knows a lot about the DVR system
and posts the ratings for DVR. Personally, I
think it is the future of ratings. Neilsen uses
too small of a sample IMHO. I am willing to
bet that more people own DVR's than
the sample that Neilsen uses for ratings.
DVR is as accurate as you can get.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure it is related to a dvr bump.
I did notice about a month ago that my
dvr only records the original 360 and not
the repeats.I have Direc Tv. Last night's
Larry King is an example of why the show
is in trouble. Enough with the usual suspects
coming on tv to say Obama is not keeping us
safe. Memo to CNN : people still went to
Times Sq,I will be watching to see if 360
will get to a point when it will average 1
million viewers each night. Tonight's show
has that possibility. i am wondering what
is up with MSNBC in the demo now. They
finished ahead of CNN but the numbers
are down so far this week for both Keith
and Rachel.It comes down to content,
presentation and storytelling.

Anonymous said...

A must watch is Jon Stewart's take on Roland Martin wearing an ascot," in front of millions of viewers, OK it's CNN in front of a few viewers," says Stewart.
Stewart's answer to CNN's ratings woes is for everyone to play dressup. Check TVN for Jon's always insiteful view of CNN.

Anonymous said...

360 could easily top a million for tonite's show and that's why AC was there...finally. The show's content was also done well, but for 360 to consistently lead with a million AC must depend LESS on celebrity interviews unless they are big Michelle Obama or even Laura Bush, now that she's written a book. People who watch 360 want news and people who are "worthy of OUR quality time," not celebrity interviews. If I wanted that I'd watch E. Lewis Black doesn't rate. Bill Maher does. The anchor needs to differenciate between the two and get out in the field like he did tonite. I'm CERTAIN he has input.

Anonymous said...

Until CNN makes changes they will not be
competitive. It is a huge mistake for CNN
to not have a female anchor form 11 am
until 8 pm.CNN has got to make changes
in prime time and dayside before it is too

Anonymous said...

CNN's broadcast from Nashville was not a hit. I'm certain AC knew this before he went. Maybe that's why he has yet to return to Haiti. The interest level just isn't there, and ratings today are the ONLY thing that matters....even if CNN's PR machine is saying "We're still making money." When every other news article is about how unpopular you are and how you're failing, NO one at CNN is JUST shrugging it off.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing against John Roberts. He's a seemingly nice enough guy who is personable and has proven to be a good journalist.
But he is a BORING ANCHOR. If I had to begin all my early days listening to him, I'd be dragging myself to work.
Kiran on the other hand can be a direct opposite. There are times lately when she's sluggish too, but she's charming and I love watching her.
Perhaps Kyra should co-anchor with John and give Kiran the 11PM spot. It's a thought and CNN could try mixing it up a little, like they're doing with Campbell.