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Thursday, May 6, 2010


"Rescued," a CNN documentary reported by Soledad O'Brien will air May 8 at 8 p.m. ET and features an orphanage in Haiti called the Lighthouse. Hear the children of the Lighthouse talk about the earthquake that devastated their country and their hopes for the future.

Wyclef Jean's recording of a song for the show:

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Soledad O'Brien and CNN. Children are so vulnerable. They need care and attention.

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent documentary from Soledad.
I could not turn away. I noticed a commercial
running today about documentaries coming in
June on CNN.I hope that CNN will air some of
these documentaries during the week as well
as weekends. Pick a night in June and air all
of them in prime time. It can be at 8 or 9
and can be some special summer programming
on CNN. If there are more than 4 air them in
July and August as well.CNN has some of the
world's best journalists and their reporting
deserves to be highlighted.I hope to see the
promos for the next documentary coming
up on CNN so that I will know when to tune
in or set the dvr.If CNN makes a very strong
commitment to news and bring us more
original reporting like this, they will be just
fine. However, they must show viewers they
are for real and stand up for being the news
channel that brings us original reporting that
sets CNN apart from the other news channels
that are not strongly committed to news.
There are countless stories out there in the
world on a daily basis. Will CNN be fearless
and bring us the news and original reporting
that we will not see anywhere else ?

Anonymous said...

Soledad O'Brien is another under utilized talent that CNN does not recognize. She always has excellent documentaries. We should see more of her.

Anonymous said...

I for one, saw parts of Soledad's documentary and I have to say I was disappointed. In the past her preparation was excellent but this particular doumentary seemed to be made in haste during her first assignment in Haiti. It is told in the voices of the children, sometimes subtitles are used because of the poor audio and the children's accents and this, in itself made watching inconsistent and harder.
IMHO, there was way too much footage of the orphans, and not enough of Soledad in narration.