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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Family Affair

Soledad O’Brien brought her girls — Cecelia, 8, as well as Sofia, 9½ — to the Seventh Annual Wayuu Taya Foundation Gala, held Thursday during the Stephen Weiss Studio in New York City.
The In America host, 43, is additionally mother to 5½-year-old identical twin sons Charlie as well as Jackson with father Bradley Raymond.

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Anonymous said...

There seems to be high interest in this
documentary. It is one of the top searches
on Google.CNN should try to do this all
summer long. This documentary is not
even on until Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Is this a 2 hour doc. CNN is airing a
special edition of 360 at 8 right before
Soledad.360 was really good last night.
The scientists made the difference.If
CNN focuses on the news and not the
echo chamber, things will turn around
for them in prime time. On Monday 360
gained viewers coming out o Larry King.
It will be interesting to if that happens
again when the ratings come out later
today.I think Soledad should be a part
of a new program at 8 anchored by
all of the female anchors at CNN and
CNN I of diverse ethnic backgrounds.
The time has come for such a program
featuring some of the best female talent
that work for CNN. No pundits talking
about news just the journalists. Find an
interesting mix of stories and huge
amounts of video and sound. One
week you could have Soledad,Kyra
and Alina Cho.Next week it could be
Suzzane,Kiran and Jessica Yellin.
Add music for the into and exit to
stories being featured as well as for
bump music in and out of the breaks.
I am surprised we have not heard
Coldplay's 'The Scientist' when talking
about the complexity of the oil spill.

Anonymous said...

CNN had no business showing a documentary as a filler when there is a disaster happening NOW.
This documentary meant nothing opposite The Factor, and why show it now? Why bring up racism when the topic of discussion on everyone's mind is the Gulf? Once again, CNN makes stupidity its theme.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Google search, CNN's crawl yesterday said the following: "BP to buy Google," and it was repeated over and over. Now I don't own stock in BP, BUT, I do own stock in Google and I searched and searched to find more info, and read The Wall Street Journal and found nothing pertaining to this.
ON THE DAILY SHOW, tonite, Jon mentioned that BP BOUGHT SEARCH TIME, to improve their image on Google. I had to find this misinformation from CNN's crawl, to find out just what they were referring to. How utterly lazy of them to not finish the crawl correctly!

Anonymous said...

@7:53am: Please, the last thing I want to hear after someone is describing the horrors taking place in our Gulf, with all the wildlife dying, dripping from being oil soaked, from the raw sludge, and then hearing "bump music played in the background." Use your common sense. Death is death and there's no place for bump music when all the living creatures known to man are dying one by one....and might I add a slow trying death. This is NO TIME to be upbeat. All living creatures need to die with dignity, and not immature bump music!