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Monday, June 7, 2010

Fredricka Whitfield Talks with Ted Turner

Recently Fredricka Whitfield gave Ted Turner a tour of CNN Atlanta and then they sat down to talk about the 30th anniversary of his news channel.

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Anonymous said...

I hope Ted Turner tells someone like Jon Klein, who is half brain dead, that they must start to use Fredricka Whitfield for something else other than a weekend filler.
She has the wits and drive and has proven herself as a successful weekend anchor and that should stand for something, in the CNN newsroom.
At least Don Lemon has been taking over the 8 PM slot, still named for the now newly departed, Campbell.

Mike said...

It's a little more inconvenient to follow the text version of an interview. But I just want to say that Fredericka is gold at CNN. She's intelligent, well-versed, attractive, and has a warm kind of charm that lights up the newsroom. Her earthy personality is rare indeed in today's journalism. All the best to Fredericka.