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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ratings For The Week of June 21st and The Month Of June

Rating For The Week Of June 21st

1 - Based on 3 nights of regular programming
2 - Based on four nights of regular programming

See ratings for the month of June after the jump.

Ratings For The Month Of June

3 - Special programming was aired one night during the month
4 - Special programming was aired six nights during the month
5 - Special programming was aired two nights during the month
6 - Special programming was aired five nights during the month

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! Larry took a hit! It is nonsense to believe Klien's PR, that ratings had nothing to do with Larry's decision to leave. It had EVERYthing to do with his decision. I don't care if he's 76, or 6, IF his ratings were any good, he'd be staying the course.
The 10PM hour wasn't much better.
CNN did come in third. Maddow and Olberman are eating away at Cooper,
even with his Gulf reporting.

Anonymous said...

CNN has got to learn to talk to and with people.
One reason why I think John King USA doesn't
work is because it is like he is hanging out with
his buds the pundits and they are chattering and
leaving you out. There is no reporting or hard
interviews on the show. It is like CNN is trying
to make the pundits look cool at John King's
expense. I can't figure out why CNN thinks
having people do nothing but talk and talk
is compelling tv news. It just is not genuine
and seems fake and staged. Where s the news,
CNN needs a 30-something like TJ Holmes
in the prime time lineup. CNN needs to let
the news drive the content of their programs
interviews that matter and video. Television
is a visual medium. There is no reason to
watch CNN you can't get news, you won't
see the video and all that you get is talk
and this is suppose to be successful on
television. That is the problem with CNN.
Too often CNN's anchors don't even look
in the camera at you, they are too busy
with the touch screen. The video gets lost
because CNN likes to show monitors
instead of what really matters. It is as if
CNN is saying look at this large tv.
What is more important the video/story
or CNN going look at our huge monitors
or how many tv's we have on our set.
CNN thinks they are more important
than the news. Don't you think they should
be following the news. CNN is talking loud
and saying nothing. The only thing CNN
has going for it now is 360. Why in the
world would they go with tape on Friday
to drag down the ratings. Already 360
has to overcome 3 hours of CNN trailing
badly.MSNBC is getting better at delivering
the news and CNN doesn't have a clue.
CNN needs to put a 30-something on
right before 360 like TJ Holmes . TJ has
a personality that lights up the screen,
conducts good interviews and people seem
to enjoy talking with him.TJ has the appeal
that makes you say I will spend time with
this show. Heck since it is summer let
TJ fill in after Campbell leaves and see what
he does. Introduce TJ to a larger audience.
I can't believe that Tj has not caught the
eves of CNN management.

Anonymous said...

CNN has to do something drastically different
at 9 to replace Larry King. The have to do
show that is completely different than Crossfire.
CNN has to go with a news show aimed at women.
No View type show but a news show., Have women
from CNN, HLN and CNN International and rotate
the anchors and each night accompany the news
with a playlist. One night you can open with Girl
by Destiny's Child and the anchors introduce
themselves and get right into the news. With
a montage of words from all of the women
and video and music. Say you lead with the
spy story can you say Femme Fatale by the
Velvet Underground. Add someone from CNN
dot com to have someone who can add news
form the internet. First week go with Suzanne
Malveaux, Alina Cho and Kate Boldaun. Next
Robin Meade, Richelle Carey and someone
from CNN I, and on and on. Each woman
can bring their journalistic and fashion
and musical style to the table.TJ would be
great at 8 but come up with a cool show
that is right for him. Anderson Cooper is
the main show and CNN needs to build
itself around Anderson. The problem for
them is that FNC & MSNBC will always
try and make Elliot Spitzer the face of CNN.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult to think anyone is happy at CNN. Morale must be very low and I do believe some of things said on the internet. The minute someone comes out to disspell the "rumor," the rumor ALMOST ALWAYS is true. Today AC tried his hand at PR. Didn't work. What's out there is already there.
Lookie at "Al the Gore," separated from his wife after 40 some years because they "grew apart." If you believe that I have some land in Jersey I'd like to sell.
Now we find out IT was a little MORE than that. The fact that the case against him is being "reopened" means that there's something of truth to the story "that wasn't true."

Anonymous said...

You have got be kidding. Anderson Cooper
and do whatever he wants at CNN. Why would
he go elsewhere? The e-mail was to the staff
at 360 not to the public. I am thrilled he is
not going anywhere.360 is CNN's best show.
Al Gore has nothing to do with Anderson
Cooper.360 does news and has a following
and that is not an easy task in cable news.

Anonymous said...

@12:26AM: I hate to wake you from your stupor, but AC's following is not translating into RATINGS and Ratings is the name of the NEWS game. That's how it is played. Please check out TVN daily which shows comparisons and updates. Compared to his competitors, at his time slot, he is coming in third. Sorry but "them" is the facts.

Anonymous said...

@12:26 am: You must be a person who finds it difficult to comprehend what they read. Al Gore has nothing to do with Anderson Cooper. The writer was simply pointing out the "rumor mill and how it works." Wake up.

Anonymous said...

I watched Shepard Smith today, who is opposite John King USA.
Let's just say, even though, John was absent, his show really, really is abhorant, and I like John.
Shepard Smith, who is the only anchor I can watch on Fox, was energetic and took us around the world in 60 seconds. Now not all the segments were interesting but the program was relevant. It doesn't rely on PUNDITS. When will Klein stop this PUNDIT BUSINESS??
Shepard was delivering the News. Then he spoke about an absorbing product that might be used for oil.
Which would you rather see? Shep's show had content. King's show had political babble. It's a no brainer! Fox just has better programming!

Anonymous said...

TVN reran Jon Stewart's take on CNN's total failure to fact check anything and to always end their debates, with, "We're going to have to leave it right there." has an interesting article on this subject by Jay Rosen, but only the first point actually resonates with any perception of CNN's true difficulies.