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Friday, July 2, 2010

Your Views on the News, July 2, 2010

A few interesting articles to discuss or dismiss this week.
The Wrap: CNN's Jon Klein: We’re Not Endorsing One Side or Another
Mediaite: CNN Pres. On Olbermann’s Claim That Larry King Wanted Him Hired: “It Didn’t Work”
And two others about Anderson Cooper
The Wrap: Troubled Times at CNN, Anchors at Odds with Cooper
The Wrap: Anderson Cooper is 'Happy at CNN' and Mad at 'The Internet'

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Anonymous said...

CNN needs to invest in real time news and
dedicate it self to original reporting, in depth
reports, different styles of reporting and pick
up the pace of it's shows. The problem for
Jon King is that he has a birther on his show.
The moment this was announced Twitter and
Facebook starting sending messages not to
watch the show. Just the other day I was
listening to a college radio station and even
they were laughing about Eliott Spitzer. Saying
c'mon media you can do better than this. It
matters who you hire and who you decide
to give a show to and Spitzer is not resonating
well and will not find a audience and people
are betting how soon CNN will pull the plug.
Given the state of the ratings a lot more
thought should have gone into who would
have a show in the 1st hr of prime time.
Like it or not it sets the tone for the night.
Also, you are going to have a hard time
getting someone to follow Spitzer. Just
like when the Red State guy was hired there
is the same reaction to Spitzer. People wish
there was one actual cable news channel
really committed to telling us what is going
on unfortunately it is the BBC and not CNN.
I can find out what is really going on at
7 on BBC America.BBC finds stories in the
U.S. that you won't see on CNN, ABC,CBS,
NBC,FNC or MSNBC.CNN can't do what
FNC or MSNBC does. This is exactly why
their ratings are falling. Why put another
political show opposite Hardball. Why
bring back Crossfire in 2010, it will not
work and means CNN is out of ideas.
For goodness CNN , where is the originality?
People expect better from CNN and they
just are not getting it. Jim Walton should
have vetoed the idea just like he did for

Anonymous said...

How about Mo Rocca replacing Larry King.
He comes on the CBS Morning Show and is
sharp, smart and witty.

Tedi B said...

Personally, the people's names that have been thrown out there to replace Larry King haven't thrilled me. Why not just do another type of show and not "replace" him? It is a news network, or it was? :)

Anonymous said...

Alright 360 start holding Bobby Jindal responsible.
Jindal is sealing records on how he is dealing with
the oil spill. CBS has already busted him for just
mobilizing lees than 2,00 national guard people.

Anonymous said...

Jon Klein must give serious thought to working for BP. Why? Because they are both liars, only Klein's lying falls under the category known as PR. The only truth he's told so far in his campaign to deflect criticism from CNN, is when asked whether 360 will remain in the same format and time slot, he acknowledged with, "I don't know. I don't know." Those are perhaps the least false statements he has ever put out there. And if HE doesn't know, WHO does? Isn't it his job to know?
Mean while BP doesn't know how in the world to stop the oil spill. No matter what they try, they fail. Gee, Klein and BP really do have a whole lot in common.

Anonymous said...

I am convinced that Jon Klein, and yes, Jim Walton has to take some credit, for all Klein's bad decisions, have the brains of a nimph or an ameba, but you can choose.
Just today, poor Fredrika in Atlanta, had to interview, no other personality, fresh out of the seventies, Foxy Brown! Yes, that Foxy Brown, Afro and all. After the Don Lemon fiasco special on Michael Jackson, viewers should note that, the two "jerks," at the top of the helm, think like two twits....and stereotypical, twits yet to boot.!!
Question: Who gives a "you know what" about Foxy anyway????