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Friday, July 2, 2010

Piers Morgan to Replace Larry King?

Bombshell? Simon Cowell Says He “Helped Broker The Deal” For Piers Morgan To CNN

Leave it to Simon Cowell, the most brutally honest person on TV, to potentially break the news that yes, CNN is indeed hiring Piers Morgan to replace Larry King.

During a brief interview with Extra TV, Cowell said he personally helped “broker the deal.” As in, done deal.

See video and link for complete article from Midiaite after the jump.

Click here for link to complete article from Mediaite; including a statement from CNN.

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Tedi B said...

WTF? <------ I'm speechless except this.... blah.

Anonymous said...

It is time for Jon Klein to go, There are articles
all over the place about CNN. Marketwatch says
it best. Do the suits give a you know what about
CNN.It is CNN that keeps letting it;s viewers down.
Also, the Dallas Morning News chimes in. CNN
blew it big time. They had an open field and could
offer Americans a break from the cable news norm
but no,Jon Klein makes matters worse.Klein's
bosses can no longer stay silent. Do they even
get what CNN is all about and what it's tradition
and statue is, of course not they green-lighted
a Spitzer show at 8. The blame goes beyond
Jon Klein. Marketwatch is right they are the
chaotic news network.We need Ted Tuner.

Anonymous said...

I will NOT watch Piers Morgan. I didn't like him on Donald Trump's show and will NOT watch him. He is a first rate SNOB....and the Brits are the worst.
I could care less who "brokered the deal." Klein should be reading blogs like this to get a sense of the outrage about this hire!!!
We're the audience you idiot!

Anonymous said...

For the first time in a very long while I do not agree with the NYT.
They cheered Larry King for leaving when he did at 76. In so doing the Times implied he left when he thought he should and not because of any "internal problems." Are they Kidding? We're talking CNN here. Mr.King left because his ratings were poor and becoming increasingly worse as time went on. He stayed far longer that his expiration date, and it wasn't until he "hit rock bottom," in the 600's for totals, that he threw in the towel.
Larry left when people still respected him, and that is a vertue, but he still stayed until his shoulders slumped and he couldn't remember who he was talking to. If CNN had been in better shape, they would've handed him his hat and coat and showed him the door long before this.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if this was canned by the
top Time Warner brass. It happens all of
the time with shows and movies never
making it to see the light of day. Already
the tease for this week's Infomania is
somebody you care absolutely nothing
about just got a show. We all know who
he is talking about and is exactly why
CNN would never hire Conor Knighton,
he slams them for not doing news.

Anonymous said...

I think they are right in saying CNN needs to
go younger for the hour. I say come up with a
news show featuring TJ Holmes. Just let that
million dollar personality shine and let TJ be
Tj. I have yet to hear one person say the did
not like TJ Holmes.He is just so genuine and
authentic.TJ comes across as real and seems
interested in what people are saying and he
is good at following the conversation and
asking questions.

Anonymous said...

CNN will never promote TJ. He needs to
go to ABC,CBS or NBC.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Don Lemon. I really don't
understand why he is on weekends.

Anonymous said...

CNN should go with an hour of international
news for one hour during the day hosted by
Marianna Van Zeller. She was way ahead of
the rest of the media when it comes to the
huge oil spill in Nigeria in the oil rich Niger
Delta. 2 years ago on Current she did a doc
called 'Rebels In The Pipeline'. It showed the
oil spill close up and you could actually see
the oil just gushing. I think she would be a
great international correspondent for 360. I
really miss the international news once a
part of 360. What happened to 360 Dispatch?

Anonymous said...

Have to agree, CNN should devote an hour at noon or one PM EST every week day to international news and Ted Turner agrees, according to his latest interview.
That would do away with one dud Ali. Who needs him except his agent, and they all have agents these days.
International always was intriguing because of their delivery. Somehow they always manage to put their own spin on things and it was fun and informative to watch. It is far different than having a foreign correspondent report from there to here. Over there means over there and not here. That's how real news is generated.