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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Craig Ferguson's Skit Skewers LKL

Craig Ferguson did a take on Larry King Live this week. As Ferguson said recently he's going to miss Larry because of all the material the program provided his writers.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

CNN should take a look at Conor Knighton for
the hour and try and lighten things up in cable
news for at least an hour unless there is breaking
news.Infomania is the name of Knighton's show
and he also has some people who are regulars
like Brett Erlich who does a segment called 'Viral
Video Film School or Erin who does 'Modern Lady.
The long form interview show is fading fast.Erlich
has also done some political coverage for Current
and ti is funny how he talks about politics.CNN
has to get out of being associated with politics
and get into full news mode. Take a hint from
HLN's 'Morning Express' which is the big story
in the morning and not Morning Joe.TVN has
a great item on how people at the airport don't
want FNC or CNN because they are all biased
and that is the major problem with cable news.