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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Piers Morgan's £5.5m Deal with CNN

According to Waveguide UK Piers Morgan has signed a £5.5m (approximately 8 million US) deal to replace Larry King.

'The Britain's Got Talent judge agreed to the four-year contract with US network CNN and will work for 30 weeks of the year so is expected to move to the States.
Chat show legend Larry is due to step down from Larry King Live later this year and rumours had been rife as to who would replace the 76-year-old interviewer.
American presenters Ryan Seacrest and Katie Couric were said to be in the running but producers thought former newspaper editor Piers would make the ideal replacement.
However, Piers' new deal means he will have to quit his role on the Britain's Got Talent judging panel because he will not have enough time to commit to the programme. "

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Anonymous said...

If this is true someone at CNN needs their
head examined. That is way too much money
for someone without no appeal to US viewers.
CNN really should know that he is disliked in
Britain and I just don't think viewers will like
the fact that CNN would not put an American
on to replace Larry King. I you thing Elliot
Spitzer was a bad decision, CNN has just out
done itself. One thing a lot of people are saying
is who does CNN expect to watch this junk.
CNN still has no clue and is already over a
cliff. There is a lot of anti CNN sentiment
brewing and CNN won't get it's viewers
back with these antics. Good riddance to
CNN. When you make stupid decisions like
this, don't expect for people to have
sympathy. The backlash CNN has coming is
well deserved.

Tedi B said...

@anon 9:51 Amen!

Anonymous said...

Yet another example of the arrogance of CNN.
They really think viewers will put up with this
because they are CNN. Wrong. Viewers don't
want trash from CNN. There is no room for
error given the situation at CNN. How much
more can management demoralize the good
people working so hard for CNN ?

Anonymous said...

CNN goes from bad to worse and morale has to be terribly low. It's in free fall and this ignorant host is being paid way too
much without a trial run. Simon Cowell is to blame for this inept hire and is probably getting a percentage as pay back. Never trusted him either. JMO

Anonymous said...

I am holding out hope that this is not true.
Tonight on Campbell Brown Poppy Harlow
just did an excellent story on Christians
being ripped off by other Christians and
out of their money. This is one of the latest
of a series of stories that I have seen lately
on CNN that is modern journalism for this
generation. I really do think that CNN should
have a hipster type Nightline. Also, the guy
who did the feature on the homeless teens in
Denver as well as Amber Lyon's piece on
drugs in Baltimore.IMHO this is a game
changer for CNN because it is different from
the others on cable news. Just give it a cool
name, for example ' The Mixtape' an mix
of different styles of reporting/ storytelling.
You have got to include the photojournalists
at CNN who bring us 'In Focus'.IMHO this is
the only thing that CNN is getting right at
this time. Have TJ Holmes host the show
and add in some news of the day mixed
the same way as the stories from all of
the people previously mentioned. Just bring
Douglas Cabellero and Toure who know
more about music than anyone. These two
are the best music journalists out there.
Ideology can't keep running the news.
At this point cable news is at risk of losing
a generation of people who are 50 and
under to the internet unless they change.

Anonymous said...

I too viewed with little interest the semi-documentary by Poppy Harlow, and IMHO, it was awful. I couldn't figure out what it was..a docudrama, a documentary, a long segment introduced by Campbell. It was choppy and the video was fuzzy and in analog, and I have HD. This was in fact, a big waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Still love CNN. But will not watch. Switch channel.

Anonymous said...

@11:47PM: There is a difference between, will not watch and could not watch. We can all watch something that is watchable, but with the new hires, it is becoming almost impossible. So sad and shameful at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a generational thing. This generation
creates media and engages in this type of editing
and story-telling that was featured from Poppy
Harlow. People have Final Cut, Edius, Premiere
Avid, Sony Vegas and on and on. That is what they
do with their video and pictures. Just take a look
at YouTube and Vimeo and others. There must
be a combination of old and new which was
suppose to be the premise for TSR. I still don't
get why TSR got rid of the internet reporters.
At times the show can be boring. Yesterday
Charlie Rose had a great segment on creativity
and that is what will save CNN. Somebody
must come up with a new model for cable
news and that involves innovation. In the
end it is about how original one can be. I can
relate to Poppy, Amber and the other reporters
at CNN as well as Vanguard, the evening news
or the photos or video from a photographer.
I consume a lot of information from various
forms of media. I find one style of reporting
to be quite boring. Cable news has not
advanced in more than a decade and that
is not good thing and is the road to being
irrelevant really soon.TV news must have
content on various platforms. You have to
be on televsion, the web, Facebook and Twitter
and others. Also, you can't ignore YouTube
and Vimeo. I watch CNN's YouTube channel
the navigation at CNN's website can get to
long and I like to find things really fast.
I am a news junkie.I go where the news
is and I mean legitimate news.I can go to
Barnes & Noble and read mags and papers
as well.To me Poppy and Amber say news
is not a dinosaur and needs to be upgraded.
It is the 21st century and people can consume
tons of information at once.It is also what
is being taught in any broadcast journalism
class at universities across America. You
shot, write and edit your story and it has
to be a mini doc. I am hoping the journos
win the battle at CNN. Think about the
world we live in, watch kids as young as
5 work your cell phone cam and computer
because they are fearless and not afraid.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see CNN do a news show
like the Wire. An hour long drama about
the news with news stores at the center
of the show.I am not sure if they would
ever hire some of the people at HBO to
create shows for CNN. I really don't get
the lack of collaboration within the Time
Warner family. Is there a company policy
against CNN using the reporting from
their Time Warner colleagues.