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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ratings For The Week Of July 5th

1 - Ratings based on four nights of regular programming
2 - Ratings based on three nights of regular programming

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

For the second week in a row Nancy
Grace is topping Countdown but I am
looking to a huge increase in viewers
for MSNBC. CNN can no longer say they
are a news channel. Keith & Rachel will
be doing the news on MSNBC and CNN
is going with the sleaze factor for the
first two hours of prime time.

Anonymous said...

Very good 11:03. Fox has The Factor, and CNN now has "The Sleaze Factor!"
In the 10Pm hour AC was absent so it is unfair to judge the week of the fourth. However, the first two days of this week, on location in Haiti was deplorable, ratings wise. Even Sanjay had better numbers.
If something doesn't happen in the Gulf soon, AC should do what Greta is doing and move along to the AZ border. People are interested in the States rights issue.
CNN has a habit of being STUCK.

Anonymous said...

Lies, talking points and misinformation are not
just red or blue.It is the way we do news at CNN.
CNN=Crazy News Network. We won't stop until
we have no viewers left and we are well on our
way to achieving that goal and will be there come
the fall. That is when Americans can see the
coming collapse of CNN and then our slogan will
be the Crumbling News Network.UNcle, uncle.

Anonymous said...

At some point CNN will learn that people are so
over people who come on cable news to do nothing
but argue.Al of the news going on today lets hope
CNN focuses more on the news going on and not
the back and forth. I could not take Campbell
Larry or 360 last night. For goodness sakes will
Jerry Springer be the next to get a show on CNN.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper & Team 360 need to be live for
2 straight hours from the Gulf tonight. I want to
see in depth coverage from Ed Lavendera, Amber
Lyon and all of the reporters there for CNN. Big
news broke out all over the place today. From
the oil cap to financial reform. You never know
what news will happen and that is why CNN
can't afford to not have news for 2 hours.

Anonymous said...

CNN has no credibility on the NAACP ,
Tea Party story. The Williams guy who
wrote the letter is a part of CNN's political
team. Like people are not suppose to see
that CNN is a part of the problem. They
also hired a birther.

Anonymous said...

If CNN thinks nobody is watching now wait until
next week when the first of a series of blunders
will lead to the downfall of CNN. Rick's List will
bring CNN's ratings down all summer long and
the erosion will continue later this year with the
decisions Jon Klein made for 8 & 9. You can see
this train wreck 100 miles away.

Anonymous said...

As much as we'd like to think Rick Sanchez is the only problem on CNN, he is not.
Just tonite, 360, which should be live for the first hour is no longer live, on Friday. They show reruns of what transpired during the week. News still happens. This is supposed to be a 24/7 news channel. Granted Fridays are one of the slowest week days, but News doesn't stop, because Anderson is not there.
Why can't Randi Kaye or someone else fill in for him, live, for the ENTIRE hour? Is that so much to ask? Are they saving money to pay for Piers Morgan or what?

Anonymous said...

While our sympathies lie with Ms Sherrod for being the victim of this latest racial profiling/ video smear, does SHE have to wind up the very next day on The View?
She's plucked out of no where and now it's time for her 15 minutes of celebrity?? Next it's on to book deals. Pleaze give me a break!
Wait...CNN can use her at 9PM, the slot is still open and she comes far cheaper than that Piers what's'is face!