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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ratings For The Week Of July 26th And The Month of July

Ratings For The Week of July 26th

1 - Based on four nights of regular programming

Click here for more information on the month's averages.

Ratings For the Month of July

2 - Special programming was aired on one night during the month
3 - Special programming was aired on six nights during the month

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

Well, Rick is catching up. He's only about 450,000 viewers behind Fox. He's getting there folks. Give him time. Rome wasn't built in a day and he is doing 3 hours now. Lord only knows why.

Anonymous said...

In about 6 weeks CNN will see a ratings tumble.
John King USA has been awful all week long with
Jessica Yellin simply because CNN has decided
they think blah blah will save them.CNN let too
many of the best people get away and now they
will not promote the people who will help them
turn things around . I never thought I would say
I actually miss Campbell Brown. Maybe for the
rest of summer CNN pull the plug on Rick's List
at 8 and go with Kyra Phillips. It's not like Rick
is doing anything for CNN and maybe now
they get it , Rick Sanchez doesn't need to be
on CNN in prime time. I have a feeling CNN
will have to find a replacement for the
Spitzer show really quick and they might want
to test Kyra to see what she can do for about
a month.

Anonymous said...

CNN should go with a news show for women
as a replacement for Larry King. For 2 nights
this week I thought CNN was testing the waters
to see how things would go on Monday & Tues.
I have always said CNN should try rotating female
anchors of diverse ethnic backgrounds for 1 hr.
One week it could be Kyra,Fredericka and Alina
Cho. I have noticed CNN is now using some of
the journalists from Time magazine. Now if
CNN would also do the same with SI and EW
and and the Time Newsfeed as well
as elements of There is no shortage
of news material for CNN with Time Warner
owning so many media properties.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to be finished. According to Vanity
Fair the hiring of Elliot Spitzer was approved
at the highest level by Jeff Bewkes. That is not
a good sign at all.

Anonymous said...

@9:58AM: While I agree in theory about your women taking over Larry's position, it all depends on the women. Kyra and Fredericka, get my vote, not Alina Cho. There are many who are completely turned off by her. There's something about her that does not resonate with the viewers, but you could have something like The View, as CBS is trying. It's a chance worth taking for CNN. Studies have shown that women like to watch women. We like to see frivolous things, like their hair, their makeup, their style and manner. Just like the movies...if there's no women in a film, and just action, it becomes boring.

Anonymous said...

Something is really, really, really wrong with CNN. I can't understand how Christane Amanpour left the network and was ever hardly recognized for her excellent efforts, under Jon Klein, but arrives at ABC and debuts at #2. How come? What is wrong with CNN Management that they can't promote their talent in such a way that viewers will actually want to watch? The list goes on and on. Glen Beck was dying at CNN and hops on the Fox train, and he's a star! Erica Hill leaves and shes given a prime location at Chelsea's wedding from CBS. It's almost as though CNN has become a disease you don't want to catch.

Anonymous said...

I would not go for a view type show. It must
be news oriented. There is so much news out
there on a daily basis.It can be in print, the web
or news that CNN uncovers. However, 'View'
might be on to something the Obama interview
brought in their best ratings ever. Women are
large consumers of news and CNN needs to
wake up. I am with Michael Wolff. The Spitzer
hire makes no sense since the man has zero
experience to have the lead show in prime time
on CNN. That is just not smart business.CNN
could hire all of the Vanguard journalists
from Current and get their moneys worth.
I stress that the news show should not be
about ideology but focus more on interesting
topics in the news. I can surf the web and
find dozens of interesting news items. I
would like to see the female journalist from
CNN,HLN,CNNI and and all of the
mags that TW owns.CNN must focus on
content,presentation and innovation. I agree
CNN has to upgrade it's look. Perhaps get
a look just like HLN. They have dropped
the crawl and everything lines up on a banner.
HLN has the smoothest look of all.

Anonymous said...

Joy Behar's HLN show is basically 'The View'
and it does not even come close to Rachel
Maddow. CNN needs a team of women who
are smart,funny and conduct hard hitting,tuff
interviews and keep things conversational and
intelligent. What works for FNC is not universal
because they viewers are older and not diverse.
That is what keeps CNN and MSNBC in the game
with advertisers. Colbert was joking about this
the other night. Piers Morgan will not top Rachel
and Elliot Spitzer will not beat Countdown.
CNN has a huge problem they have shows at
7 and 8 who can't draw 400 thousand viewers.
CNN will not improve their numbers by just
doing what FNC and MSNBC does. That is
a recipe for failure.

Anonymous said...

@11:24 AM: "viewers on Fox News are older and not diverse." Really?
I happen to watch both. I'm older, but not old, and I am diverse in my choices. So there are millions just like me. You just aren't aware of it.