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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Larry King's Tie

This isn't a new article, but this story about a well traveled tie & a charity auction recently caught my eye. The auction mentioned in the article was for the food bank of Greater Vancouver. The items being auctioned were ties signed or decorated by celebrities.

[Howard Isman] said getting the ties required a mix of ingenuity, luck and a lot of hard work.

"We get them various ways: some are easy to get, some are difficult to get," he said.

"We pursue them through agents, managers, any way we can ... until we finally find somebody who knows somebody who gets them for us."

Some ties arrive in New Westminster with miles under their belt and a great back-story.

"Last year we were trying to get Larry King from CNN. We sent a tie to his headquarters in Atlanta. We got an e-mail back saying, 'Sorry, Mr. King is not here he's gone to Los Angeles and we are going to forward the tie to LA,' " Isman said.

The tie was sent on but arrived in Los Angeles after King had left for New York. It was then forward to New York where, again, it missed King who had returned to his head office in Atlanta.

"Well, the tie never got to him but he did find out about it from someone in his office. So he sent us his own tie and it got to us a week before bidding closed," Isman said.

"And we had two people very hot for it and we got $300 for his tie."

Source: Delta Optimist, November 05, 2008

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