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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

On The Road Again

CNN chief national correspondent and anchor John King has a passion for getting outside the Beltway to check the political pulse of everyday Americans, and now users of Gowalla, the location-based mobile and web service, can follow the trail he has blazed through the country. Beginning next week with John’s Labor Day road trip, Gowalla users will be able to learn about John’s favorite spots in all 50 states and even earn a John King, USA Pin for their Gowalla Passport by completing one of the Trips.
“Washington is never a leading indicator in election cycles,” said John. “You have to get out in the country and see it and taste it to get a sense of the real issues driving how Americans vote.”
While visiting all 50 states following President Barack Obama’s inauguration, John sat down with residents in local diners to hear their stories and discuss the issues most important to them. Just like the people with whom John spoke, each diner had a story—from Bud’s Drive In in Idaho known for burgers and huckleberry milkshakes to Stacy’s Restaurant in Fort Riley, Kansas that serves active duty military members and veterans.John also will share his stories on Eatocracy,'s blog created to feed the minds, hearts and stomachs of food fanatics across the world. Readers will be able to experience a little slice of his adventures by reading about the culture of the local diners where he talked politics at the dinner table.
This project is launching just as John King, USA is heading on a road trip next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. John will observe Labor Day and kick off the final push in the November midterm elections while traveling through bellwether states on the CNN Express, the network’s bus that serves as a state-of-the-art mobile newsroom. John will visit Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky to profile critical races, interview newsmakers and explain why the races matter to all Americans.
Various members of CNN’s Best Political Team on Television will check in with John along the way, including senior congressional correspondent Dana Bash, senior political analyst Gloria Borger, anchor T.J. Holmes and national political correspondent Jessica Yellin.
To participate, Gowalla users should follow John by going to John King, USA’s Gowalla page and clicking the “follow John King, USA” button in the right column. You will then have access to John’s custom Trips at or on your smartphone via the Gowalla app.

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Anonymous said...

I am not sure the tour will save the show.
CNN is spending too much time talking about
polling and letting the pundits say false things
again. How about spending more time with
regular folk.

Anonymous said...

CNN is not doing a good job. They are not
talking to a lot of people nor are they being
completely honest. Gallup had a poll on Tues
say the generic ballot is tied. I don't recall
seeing that on CNN also there is data out
there which shows people are not to fond
of either party, yet CNN keeps saying there
is going to be a tidal wave. CNN is getting
why ahead of itself and there are people
warning things are a lot closer than the
media is portraying. CNN has already
decided the voters are just going to vote
for the GOP. It is not hat simple and CNN
should be careful. The voters decide
elections not political speculation,Gallup
tends to be more accurate than the others
because it is daily. The 10 point deficit that
CNN has been crowing about has been
erased. Stop, look and listen and stop
getting caught up in the rhetoric. Let
things play out and stop trying to shape
the narrative to fit how you think things
are going. We don't know what will
happen. That is why CNN is the worst
political team on television. The ratings
for John King will be their usual lows.
What good is a road trip if the people
are not the major focus. Has anyone
seen CNN interacting with a diverse group
of voters.