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Thursday, October 28, 2010

CNN Twosome Expecting

People Magazine is reporting that Kyra Phillips and John Roberts are about to become parents. The anchors are pleased to announce that they’re expecting twins next Spring.

CNN Newsroom‘s Phillips, 42, and Roberts, 53, a co-anchor on American Morning, were engaged in April.

Congratulations to the lucky couple!

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful for both!
John has children from his first marriage but I don't know about Kyra.
Do we know about wedding plans?

Anonymous said...

I just hope there is one brave executive at CNN
that can get his/her peers to end the craziness
that is all too common on CNN these days.CNN
makes choices about who and what to put on
their channel. Viewers are being forgotten in
favor of a select few who try to control the
narrative and the information and you can
only be left or right and nothing of importance
matters.I know one of the powers I have is the
remote in my hand and when CNN has on
decent shows I will watch. When they don't
I will turn the channel. I will support good
journalism. Not misinformation or yelling or
screaming . CNN's ratings are already in a
downward spiral and it is not getting any
better.CNN forgot to be the adult in the
cable news universe.CNN has clearly lost
it's way.

Anonymous said...

@7:34PM: "CNN has clearly lost its way."
So have you. This is a section of comments, dedicated to John Roberts and Kyra Philips and their great expectations, not your opinion of what CNN should and shouldn't be doing.

Anonymous said...

OK here's an update on John Roberts, straight from the NYPost, print edition, just today.
He is supposedly, a tyrant and went off on Kira during his interview with Axelrod, because she was, Oh my, typing, while he was conducting his important interview. (He never got over not getting promoted on CBS).
And, according to CNN sources, Kira is as "dumb as a rock," and the Morning Show is now the lowest rated show on CNN. Kira may be next to exit.
This could be online.

Michael said...

I want to congratulate each one of you,Kira I watch you every morning and i am astonded by the comment that ur a "Dumb as a Rock" I could give you my opinion on who I think fits that category but you don't. and John Roberts I listened to you when you did your thing in Toronto Radio Show a long time ago. I wish you both all the happiness you two can create and best to your new arrivals . I know I what Rick Sanchez said and didwas wrong very wrong but i miss him alwasy caught his show now in the time slot now so much! Got off topic anyway best of luck to you both!!!