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Friday, October 1, 2010

Michael Ware on Reliable Sources

On Reliable Sources recently Howard Kurtz took a closer look at Michael Ware's assertion the he witnessed war atrocities while in Iraq that CNN refused to air. Here's Kurtz's take on the subject:

We have the actual footage from the interview with Ware that aired on Australian television:

Ware also spoke about what he had witnessed in his interview with Men's Journal, January 09 issue.

If you haven't watched the two part Australian Story series with Michael Ware here are the links. After watching and reading Ware's reports for years it's riveting to see what was going on behind the scenes in his real life.

Part 1

Part 2

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Anonymous said...

CNN has a huge PR problem that they need to
fix right away. It appears Rick Sanchez is a
racist and the audio is all over the web. In a
radio interview with the Pete On The Street
from John King, Sanchez call Jon Stewart &
Colbert bigots and spouted hateful speech
that was clearly over the top & anti-Semitic.
I am waiting to hear the announcement today
that Rick Sanchez is no longer at CNN & the
network does not in any way shape or form
condone his comments. The rhetoric is
clearly racist. I guess we all know the real
Rick Sanchez.All over the web people are
calling for his firing. I have a feeling that
the ADL will have something to say real soon.
CNN can't be that desperate for ratings.
People should never have to see this moron's
face on the network again.It is always amazing
the things people will say or do when they
think no one is watching. This is an Mel.
Gibson episode for CNN. The management
needs to do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Rick Sanchez has the nerve to call Glen Beck
a racist.I am willing to bet the CNN switchboard
is lit up. I am wondering if CNN wants to move
him off the schedule and he it blaming it on
be Hispanic. No Sanchez is a horrible anchor.
Clearly he shouldn't have a national show on
cable news, How did he even make it to the
prime time lineup. I smell a special comment
on Countdown calling for CNN to can the bigot,
aka Rick Sanchez.CNN's ratings are really
going to tank now.

Anonymous said...

Stand by for Ken Jautz;s 1st official move as
head of CNN. TVN is reporting that CNN will
have something to say later today. Thank you
Pete for exposing Rick Sanchez.

Another huge mistake that Jon Klein left behind
for Jautz to clean up.

jodi54 said...

I agree with ANONYMOUS regarding Sanchez.

But, actually, far more important is the issue before us regarding Michael Ware. An exemplary reporter, Ware has suffered so much personal trauma as a field reporter in Iraq - while still providing the best possible, honest stories.

If the important, substative stories have been supressed for any reason (other than national security), it is a disgrace. Ware is a treasure. The public and CNN owe him big time.

maxie1218 said...

I agree 100% with Jodi54 regarding Michael Ware. He is one of the few network reporters left, who is more interested in reporting the truth than presenting some kind of "on screen person" for ratings. We need more Michael Wares and less Rick Sanchezes.