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Monday, October 11, 2010

Piers in Vogue

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Anonymous said...

"Don't underestimate him?" I really don't think we have. In fact, I think we've over estimated the impending the gloom he will bring upon CNN.
Her husband is a callous bore, who comes to this show with a superiority inflected in his British tone and attitude. Right about now, I'd say he's possibly the most disliked person at CNN, not counting Lou Dobbs whose legacy is still being felt and it isn't good.

Anonymous said...

I know this is out of place but I have to say this.
Tonight CNN dropped the ball on a major news
event seen around the world. By 7 pm it was
pretty clear that the last miner would be coming
out during the 8pm hour. MSNBC completely
ignored the story. Fox News was all over the
story and CNN stayed with a debate until they
made the dumbest decision ever in news.
Someone decided to let Parker Spitzer anchor
breaking news on CNN. Why wasn't a real news
anchor in place and who on earth made that
the decision. I look for Fox to have block-
buster ratings because CNN stinks. CNN
is history. You don't do this with a major
news event. I am willing to bet CNN was
already 4th because of the debate and I
am willing to bet the ratings plummeted
once they decided to let Parker Spitzer
do breaking news. They have zero
breaking news experience. Who ever made
this decision should be fired. Is somebody
scared of Eliot Spitzer.CNN just detroyed
itself and they are done. They have no
idea the millions they have angered.
Boycott CNN. If Eliot Spitzer is covering
breaking news in prime time before
Don Lemon , something is terribly
wrong at CNN. Good riddance CNN,
you lost millions of viewers tonight.