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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ratings For The Week Of November 1st

1 - Special programming was aired on one night
2 - Special programming was aired on two nights

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

While listening to Judge Judy tonite, my first thought was, would she speak to Piers Morgan and have as much admiration for Piers Morgan as she has for Larry??
If Piers reads this blog, he better start his networking now, because Larry's "regulars" already resent him.
You have big shoes to fill "little man from England."

Anonymous said...

Piers Morgan will be a big ratings loser for
CNN. He is a tabloid journalist. CNN needs
to stop insulting people's intelligence. Like
we are too dumb to realize that CNN has
more pundits on a daily basis than FNC or
MSNBC. These pundits are never called out
for spreading misinformation. Click, click,
click. Opinion can't replace news on CNN.
I don't get what CNN is doing but I know
I don't like it. So now CNN expects viewers
to actually watch Kathleen Parker, Eliot
Spitzer & Piers Morgan for 120 minutes.
Not going to happen. Click,click, click.

Anonymous said...

I had to come here after watching the last
segment on Morning Joe. He talked about
how on his show they do hard news for 3
hrs. That is the answer for CNN in prime
time.In watching MJ you see they love to
bring us the news. Joe talked about how
their ratings are rising and it was obvious
he was talking about CNN when he said
other networks.He also said their boss
gives them the freedom to be creative.
CNN try doing hard news and giving
shows to real journalists.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to develop the we didn't get the
Jon Klein memo mentality.CNN hates their
own journalists. The best thing CNN could
do that would have an immediate impact
would be a women's news show at 8. Smart
intelligent news and conversation featuring
the women at CNN.No politics or pundits.
Music from john Lennon like " Woman " to
Fergie;s "Big Girls Don't Cry. "You have an
intro song and opening segment that tells
you the ladies who will be with you for the
hour as well as the stories you will see on
the show. Ending song like " Aint No
Sunshine."Alternate the ladies who are
on the show with talent from CNN, HLN
CNN I and have one segment that would
have the ladies tell us about headlines
about women. Like A high percentage of
women in the US being childless. Use
the music for going and coming out of a
break. Use 3 or 4 hosts daily. There is
no prime time cable news show for
women.C'mon CNN it is about time.
The only thing CNN would need to do
would be to hire producers and writers.
The talent is already in house. If this is
not an alternative to MSNBC, FNC and
HLN at 8. I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that it is mostly female journalists
that are leaving CNN. Let's not forget that CNN
decided to go with an all white male prime time
lineup and no women from 11-5 until they had
to fire Rick Sanchez.CNN management would
never let this happen.CNN no longer wants a
female with her own show in prime time.360
did it right again at least for the first 10 minutes
last night. Amazon has decided to pull the book.
I don't know if it is Charlie Moore or someone
else. This person was able to realize the
Amazon story, the craziness about the cost
of Obama's Asia trip and the harassment of
the Univ of Michigan student. They have
some sense of a good story when they see
or hear it. Granted the overall content of 360
is lacking but sometimes at least the lead
story is right. What happened to all of the
360 correspondents and regulars ? No more
Isha Sesay. At least she did liven things up
a bit.

Anonymous said...

I for one, prefer Joe Johns on 360 and he has a good reporte with AC.
I did not care for Isha, did not care for her delivery or shallow banter. Just because she's a woman, doesn't make her "good."
Judge Judy brought LK stronger ratings than he's seen for a while and was a strong lead in for 360.
Hope they repeat her over the weekend...always a delight and very wise.
Brooke Baldwin seems to be holding down the Rick Sanchez fort all by her "little lonesome." Hope the "suits" have noticed.

Anonymous said...

What totally bugs me is that Campbell Brown
lost her show getting better ratings than Parker
Spitzer. I have a feeling the suits will stick with
Parker Spitzer & Piers Morgan no matter how
bad the ratings are, they can't admit they got
it wrong.

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity. me and some friends set
out to find how many women are actually reporters
& anchors at CNN networks. It is amazing. This
is with anchors & reporters, no talking heads.
There are so many possibilities just having 3 or 4
women each day and the beauty is you can rotate
the hosts.We are talking a hard new show and
fast paced with more news than you can handle.
They could also bring us stories of women from
around the globe and call the segment her story.
Music is used to enhance the production of the
show and make a point about the show being
original and nothing like this has ever been
done in cable news.CNN really needs something

Here are some names in no particular order :

Soledad O'brien, Candy Crowley,Krya Pillips,
Fredericka Whitfield,Brooke Baldwin,Alina Cho,
Zain Varjee,Kate Bouldan, Stephanie Elam,
Brooke Anderson,Karen Wynter,Suzzane
Malveaux,Kristie Lu Stout, Hala Gorani,Christi
Paul,Isha Sesay,Robin Meade,Amber Lyon,
Poppy Harlow, Jessica Yellin, etc. The point
being if you were to compile a list of all of
the female anchors & reporters at CNN,
you would find a wealth of talent that is
right in front of your face. The entire list
is too long to post.It should be open to all
of the women at CNN, HLN CNN I and CNN
Espanol.I stress that it is a serious show.
It is not The View , but a news show from
women in the news industry who anchor
and bring us the news worldwide on all
of the CNN networks. No politics or pundits.

Heck sometimes go with 2 or 3 men if you
have 4 hosts.We have a great name for the
show but we are not going to publish it in
case the other networks visit this blog.
Sorry if we left out some of your favs. We
just don't have the tine for the full list.
It was fun doing this.

Anonymous said...

W. should have entitled his new book: MY BS FOR EIGHT YEARS AND HOW I SURVIVED DICK.
A perfect title for Amazon readers.

Anonymous said...

Bill Maher finally agreed with me, a viewer, after all these years of giving all his LOVE for former Presdient Clinton.
He told his panel he no longer believes that it was only Bush who pushed us into the "great recession,' and that he has decided after seeing a film, whose name escapes me, Clinton had as much to do with the recession as Bush...he made subprime mortgage backing legal, through the use of banking derivatives or betting on stocks you knew would fail.
And if anyone doesn't believe this post, Maher's show repeats tomorrow nite and all this week. I recommend watching it.