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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Candy Crowley Interviews Pres. George Bush

President George W. Bush will sit down with CNN anchor and chief political correspondent Candy Crowley in one of the few interviews he has granted since leaving the White House. Bush: Two Years Later: A Special Edition of State of the Union with Candy Crowley will air during a one-hour prime time special on Sunday, Nov. 14 at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET .

In December 2008, Crowley conducted one of President Bush’s last interviews before he left the White House. She will check in with the former president two years later on the struggling U.S. economy, the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and his new book, “Decision Points.” Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will join his brother in the second half of the interview to discuss their father, their upbringing and the current political landscape.

State of the Union with Candy Crowley airs Sundays at 9 a.m. and noon ET. This Sunday, Nov. 14, correspondent Joe Johns will act as substitute anchor during the regularly scheduled program while Crowley is on assignment in Miami for the prime time special. Tom Bettag serves as the program’s senior executive producer.

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Anonymous said...

This is Must see television.
I've only seen clips of our former POTUS actually speaking, and it is shocking!
How did this man become President?
He hasn't made one profound statement yet, and that swagger and glazed over look is creepy.
President Obama deserves to be called President. Comparing W. to him is like comparing a gold nugget to a bit of sand paper...rough around ALL the edges.

Anonymous said...

LK told Michael Moore that Bush's book was well written.
We all know W. couldn't speak the English language. Moore's reply was that it had "real nouns and verbs."
If it is well written, he had to have someone co-author it.

Anonymous said...

Did George W. Bush physically shrink?
Watching him during the interview, I suddenly realized that he is a whole lot smaller now than he was when he was President. We all knew his mind was the size of a pea, but he "appeared larger than life," as the President.
Now his body matches his mind.
Good work by Candy.