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Friday, November 12, 2010

Your Views on the News, November 11, 2010

We thought you all might enjoy a look at Chad Myers, CNN meteorologist, on The Daily Show this past Wednesday night. It's at the end of the clip but since there are a lot of other CNN'ers included we thought you might enjoy a few minutes of media missile madness.

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know is there anyone who actually
watches the network and keep an eye on content
at CNN. All week long they have been pimping the
story that voters consider the deficit to be the big
issue when the data clearly shows it is jobs and
the economy.On social media someone actually
took the tine to review all of the networks exit
polls and the deficit was not the major issue.
You can't generalize everything and try to make
them fit in to a box with a bow around it.CNN
is so busy following the noise that they are
missing the details : the who, what, when
and why. CNN needs to become fact based.
Only cable news would compare the budget
of the US to the average budget in American
hones. They are bogus analogies. That is
exactly why you never get intelligent
conversation or news on CNN.CNN has
way too much fiction on the air.

Anonymous said...

I would like for CNN to do one simple thing.
Keep it real. Devote 2 hrs to hard news. Give
your network back to the journalists. Stand
up for the news and stop imitating FNC &
MNBC and find your own niche. Discover what
is unique & different with CNN. Joe is right CNN
should never have abandoned it's brand.I have
to see tangible signs that CNN is changing
before I think of coming back.If a single edition
of The Newsroom can't do hard news, there is
no point of watching CNN.

Anonymous said...

This was exactly was Jon's rally was all about...cable madness about absolutely nothing.
AC was also featured in Jon's clip,
saying, "What is it?"
What it was, was simply condensation from a jet plume. You'd think with all our great minds at work, the guessing game would have ended before it began.

Anonymous said...

LK gave AC360 a great lead in on Thursday nite, but 360 failed in its attempt to keep the enthusiasm going. Larry had the last four contestants on DWTS and their partners. What better lead in could you get and then not keep it?
Larry got one of his best ratings as well because this is the #1 hit show in the the theory that 360 always prevails with a good lead, is wrong.
And speaking of Larry, Michael Moore gave Larry a going away present, a large bat because of his love for baseball.
Yes, Larry hasn't even gone, but we're all missing him already and that promo for Piers Morgan is just plain scary.

Anonymous said...

Next week ABC News will do the most
groundbreaking moment in American
news. They will be live from China all
week long. Meanwhile on CNN we have
pundits. Right now CNN needs to be
more content driven and less political.
ABC had huge cutbacks in it's news
division yet they are being innovative.
Viewers never see the global resources
or reach of CNN and that is a real shame.
CNN has to move into the news and info
age and not politics 24/7 and for goodness
sake use Twitter to discover the news that
people are talking about and not tweets.
Gosh know what Twitter is for.

Anonymous said...

CNN has to make some big decisions really soon.
Do you keep John King & Parker Spitzer. Both
shows just are not making the cut. The Women's
show could be done rather quickly because there
is no shortage of talent. Besides the prime time
lineups at FNC & MSNBC are etched in stone.
Neither of them will be making changes.CNN
on the other hand has no choice.MSNBC & FNC
won't tinker with their lineups to counter a
possible game changer for CNN, a news show
brought to you by the female journalists at
CNN, the reporters who go out and cover
news, those who go out in the field and report
for all of the CNN networks. Also,
This is not the View or the female pundits.
It is about news and information and things
of interest. No yelling,screaming, interrupting
or just being downright rude. Act like you
go some sense and manners.

Anonymous said...

@8:23AM: That is an innovative move for ABC. At least one prime network realizes that China "owns" us, and in one recent survey, China's President was placed as the #1 dominating figure in the world, outpacing President Obama in his power and achievement.
When every article of clothing is from China, and every generic drug we take is from China, China's relevance as an industrial society is leaving the US and its European allies in the dust.