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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Reliable Sources

If you aren't a viewer of CNN's Reliable Source with Howard Kurtz I'd suggest you give it a look on Sunday mornings. Kurtz takes a hard look at the news media and pulls no punches with his critiques. Here are a few clips from this week's program that look at election night ratings, the 200 million dollar-a-day trip ;) the POTUS is on and Keith Olberman and Jon Stewart.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe he can get someone to answer why
CNN thinks Sarah Palin is qualified to talk
about the global economy and why CNN
has just become plain stupid. Boycott CNN.

Anonymous said...

I do not watch Reliable Sources, but I make it a point to ALWAYS watch Jon Stewart and Bill Maher.
Friday nite Bill went after Jon's rally as well as the other cable commentators have, and I thought it was very distasteful for Maher, to do so.
Maher knows that Stewart is more highly respected than he is, but since they are BOTH, comics and pundits, you don't go after your own.
Last nite Jon acknowledged, Bill's remarks. He didn't let it slide, but he was kind, maybe kinder than he should have been.
Maybe that's why Stewart's the Emmy winner, and Maher just receives, nominations.

Anonymous said...

Will Kurtz ask CNN brass if they are scaling
back their news operation. When 360's lead
story comes from the Huffington Post they
are just being lazy. 360 is disappointing these
days and going from bad to worse each night.
So Crossfire is the philosophy for CNN
now. Bickering is not journalism. Last night
Rachel Maddow started a new segment. It
tells you whether or not news stories you
may have seen on the internet is true.
Word is tonight 360 will have Dr Phil on
to talk about the happy meal ban in SF.
I guess the people who pushed this and
parents and kids have nothing to do with
the story. Dr Phil, really 360. Jon Stewart
told Larry King right before the rally how
that just ends up being nothing.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with you about 360, very shoddy programming. Lead stories never make sense. Things in the bulletin that should be leads are given honorable mention...what gives here??