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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Erica Hill Talks Early Show with Reliable Sources

Former CNN'er Erica Hill joined Howard Kurtz on Sunday's Reliable Sources to talk about her time at CNN and her future at CBS's The Early Show.

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Anonymous said...

Erica has certainly come along way and gained a lot of rapport and poise. She was always fun to watch on 360 and she made an excellent career move. If I'm ever up that early, she has my vote.

Anonymous said...

Glad for Erica Hill. Another one CNN let get away.
David Carr has an interesting article about the
CBS Morning Show. Personally, I think it applies
to news in general these day. They are recycling
the same tired old formulas and losing viewers.
Cable news looks nothing like the real world. The
giganttic banners, which you don't get on the
web. Carr is right. I am willing to bet that if you
go with a group of young hipster journos. The
last thing they would want on the show is politics
and the typical morning show.It is time for
CNN to have an interactive news show. Set it
up on their FB page so viewers can tell them
news and items they come across each day
an tie it into an internet/social media news.
All of the content comes from viewers,social
media but CNN decides the stories that go
in the show and only if they can be verified.
2 people would be idea would be Max &
Jason from Current TV and hire some of the
other people they let go by overhauling
the network. People like Angela Sun,
Jael de Pardo.CNN news must become more
like the news on the web and get away from
the chatter. Real time news, streaming,
skypd. Stories shot entirely with an Iphone
Cable news looks like a dinosaur. The talk
and opinion makes the shows move at a
snails pace. You can connect with people
instantly and ge information at you hand.
CNN has to try and jam as many stories
in 1 hour as possible .

Anonymous said...

CNN stinks and here is why. How in the
world do you use pundits to explain the
Fed chair Ben Bernanke last night on 60
Minutes. Pundits are not economists or
journalists who understand the Fed. Just
dumb the conversation down and not have
a real conversation like Bloomberg. Same
thing on the tax compromise. CNN has
the details wrong. the actual facts have
been on Bloomberg for a couple hours
now.CNN is not a real news network.
They make up topics and excuses just
to use pundits instead of doing their
jobs which is to report the news.CNN
needs a women's show instead of a
disgrace like Piers Morgan.

Anonymous said...

@4:32PM What???
Do you ever reread what you've written? If not, I suggest you try.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Piers Morgan, has anyone seen the new promo for this
I can't even stand to watch the promo about ALL the important people he's going to interview, with his oh soooo British accent.
If that isn't a turn off, I don't know what it.

Anonymous said...

If you believe the rumors changes are coming to
CNN.ICN has the post. ICN says Tj is coming to
the morning show and John is leaving. Kiran
needs to be gone also. The word is Tony Harris
is also leaving. to give AM a fresh start they
can't let Kiran stick around. I hope they really
consider Robin Meade. Kiran contributes to the
low low ratings of AM. TJ deserves better.I am
guessing if Tony is leaving Don Lemon will be
coming to weekdays. I am happy if the news is
true for Don & TJ, but hey at least go with
Kate Boldaun or Suzanne Malveaux in the