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Monday, January 3, 2011

Another CNN Loss

TVNewser is reporting that John Roberts will be taking his talents to Fox News and be based in Atlanta as one of their national correspondents.

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Anonymous said...

Something clearly is up. Don Lemon and TJ
Holmes didn't anchor this weekend. Could
they both be moving to the morning and
prime time slots on CNN. Jim Acosta is on
AM and Joe Johns was in after Kyra. In wake
of this debacle, I don't see how Kiran Chetry
can remain on AM. Both Roberts and Chetry
are responsible for the awful ratings.

Anonymous said...

I think the Robin Meade rumors are true.
Meade will be moving over to CNN.
The question is do you pair Don or TJ with
Robin and who else do you bring on the
show.CNN has fires breaking out all over
the place, morning,day and night.

The morning show will have some effect
on the day numbers. American Morning
is at catastrophic lows.

How did things ever get to this point ?
CNN is in the beginning stages of a
complete meltdown.It will take years
for CNN to dig out of this mess.It is
a failure of not acting soon enough to
stop the oncoming disaster. If anything
CNN is speeding up the disaster and it
is all self inflicted.

Anonymous said...

John Roberts is smart to jump a sinking ship.
The betting is CNN will be finished in the 1st
quarter of 2011. I am not sure FNC is a good
choice for John though.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to try to post this again, because under the First Amendment I have the right to MY OPINION.
John Roberts is no great loss to CNN. He has had an attitude ever since he was jilted from CBS and was not promoted. This is a fact.
Secondly, his ratings were very poor in the morning slot and rumor had it, that he was tyrannical and moody. He was obviously not happy at CNN and if you're not happy it shows and the viewers diserve better.
Fox may not be the best place for him but only time will tell. He certainly has enough competition and wouldn't be their shining star.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching John Roberts since he was J.D. Roberts on Much Music (Canada's version of MTV) back in the 80s. While I recognize that CNN has gone downhill--way downhill--this may be a new low for him. Really, John? Fox? Why not just get hired by the RNC?
If they replace him with T.J. "we appreciate you" Holmes on American Morning, I may have to switch to something else (though I'm not sure there is a viable choice in the American market) and I've had CNN on as background noise 12 hours a day for the last 10 years.
Are you listening Ken Jautz?

Anonymous said...

I am pulling for TJ and Robin. Now that
John Roberts is exiting, CNN needs to
replace Kiran Chetry as well. The numbers
are now below 200,00 with her. If Miles
& Soledad got the boot for ratings higher
than that, Why is Kiran Chetry being given
a free ride ? Both failed to bring in ratings.

Anonymous said...

CNN had better come up with something really
quick. On Monday AM finished 5th behind
Squawk Box in viewers and the demo. Has
anyone seen Tj Holmes or Don Lemon on CNN
lately. They seem to have disappeared. What is
up with that.I also noticed that all of the morning
show ratings are down. But CNN is starting off
in last place. Ouch. People are really angry at

Anonymous said...

with JR gone, so am I. Kiran should have been gone long ago. I don't really like Fox but if that is the only place to see JR, then so be it.