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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

CNN NYE Ratings Hit

CNN image John Nowak

CNN Top’s Fox News Channel on New Year’s Eve by 60% in the Key Demo 25-54 from 11:00 pm – 12:30 am

CNN New Year’s Eve with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin (11:00 pm – 12:30 am)
811k demo 25-54
1.805 million total viewers

FNC’s All American New Years (11:00 pm – 12:30 am)
506k demo 25-54
1.738 million total viewers

MSNBC did not air New Year’s programming.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. They did not even have any music
guests. it was funny.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. Why is CNN forcing Anderson to
sell Piers Morgan ? This is my Ridiculist.
It makes no sense at all. They have Anderson
repeating everything from those dumb
commercials.If this guy is so good that CNN
forced Larry King out of his time slot, why
does he need a whole week of coverage.
It is dumb and the latest debacle from the
gang who can't shoot straight.CNN is now
irrelevant. Memo to CNN : do a magazine
type show like Nightlime. It is beating Leno
and Letterman.Oh that's right, CNN does
not do original journalism.

Anonymous said...

Hey 360 can Anderson interview the homeless
man with the golden voice instead of Piers
Morgan. I like the homeless guy a whole lot
better and his story is way more interesting.
C'mon Anderson get back to talking with
ordinary people. In fact make him the voice
of 360 for Anderson each night.

Anonymous said...

Here's the deal. CNN needs to become the
world's largest content source for news.
Be it international and national. Get away
from politics, commentary and celebrities.
Give us news. That is all we ask. Right now
the smartest thing CNN could do would be
a viewer contributed news show in prime
time. Josh Levs can be a part of this. All CNN
has to do is set it up on Facebook. No politics.
Just interesting news you come across daily.
It can be a show for viewers to pick the news
and the stories they would like to see on the
show and interesting items they find out
about on social media or the internet.
CNN has got to connect with communities.
It can be a photo, local news story, a band
or music you discovered. They can even use
the clips from and CNN I for news
stories.CNN can't keep ignoring viewers.
Perhaps CNN did a story that someone
will submit. Connect the viewer with the
reporter. Just say the name of the viewer
make the connection to the reporter or
photojournalits or someone in the news
room that connects with the viewers. You
can't connect with viewers through pundits.
You connect with your viewers via your
anchors and reporters. Involve the people.
CNN must really be the news alternative.
Mashable has a story today that should be
a wake up call for CNN. People are relying
on the web more for news.CNN offer us 180
minutes of news in prime time without talk
and opinion. Boring, boring. Understand we
are in the age of Facebook, Youtube & Twitter.
Let the people have a voice in putting together
the news.CNN is best suited for this since they
have the resources now they need to use them.
Personally, I think 360 should have lead with
the Huck Finn story last night. No more pundits
except for the Sit Room , John King & SOU. Do
some news and watch the ratings go up.Let
me stress that CNN decides the content of the
show and it is a news show and not the
partisans highjacking the news.Of course
you go with what you can verify. Have an
anchor along with a couple of digital journos.
CNN needs to realize the value of the content
and resources they have.CNN needs a digital
team that knows how to turn their content
into a monster.

Anonymous said...

I am with you on the homeless guy with the
awesome voice. The word is the Clevland Cavs
have offered him a job. I think CNN is in panic
mode when it comes to Piers Morgan. I know
I am not watching along with millions of my
fellow Americans. I have yet to come across
one person who likes him. I hear comments
like. I don't like his looks or attitude. This is
really going to hurt CNN.

Anonymous said...

Erica Hill interviewed him this morning and
it was just great and touching.It would be
great is Anderson and Team 360 could pull
this off. Just shows the power of the internet.
We were watching this yesterday morning at
work.It is one of those millions of stories that
you have to go looking for. A news photographer
came upon this guy and shot the video and it
is now history.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the ladies of comedy gave the
360 special a boost.360 should not be
used to for Piers Morgan. Who cares about
Piers Morgan. It is a waste of time and it
would a whole lot better if Anderson were
talking to people worthwhile. I vote for the
homeless guy too. That is quite a story.
Same goes for a viewers choice news show.
CNN should have done that 2 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I have been predicting for weeks that Kathy Griffin would put CNN over the top.
People love to "hate" her and see what she wouldn't say and yes, she works, "blue" most of the time. That is a fact.
So it is no surprise that CNN attracted a larger demo, than FOX.
That is another fact and that is why she will consistently be rehired to co-host with Anderson.

Anonymous said...

Joe Johns is likeable enough and he is a very good investigative reporter. However, he is filling in for Tony Harris, who, along with a whole bunch of other talented and qualified journos, left CNN because of its subquality PROGRAMMING and management, is not anchor material.
It is obvious, during his broadcasts, that he is reading the teleprompter, and finds it awkward to adlib. Someone like Don Lemon or TJ Holmes should be doing this slot. When will CNN take note? ANSWER: NEVER