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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CNN in the News

Just a few links pertaining to CNN to start your day:

Dr. Laura points the finger of blame directly at CNN concerning her 'N' word controversy on this morning's Today Show.

Mixed reviews for Piers Morgan Tonight are being reported on TVNewswer and Mediaite.

DC Fishbowl is reporting that Ed Henry is teaching an 'off the record' class at George Washington University called "Both Sides of the Podium”.

And we'll leave you with two Tweets former CNN president Jon Klein made last night about Piers Morgan Tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Since Jon Klein tweeted this. we now know it
is a flop. I wonder who benefited most at the
expense of CNN. Will it be Fox, MSNBC,HLN
or the big 4 networks? American Idol is also
launching this week. I am guessing CNN will
be 4th for Monday. The only question will be
how bad was it. This is the first night of Parker
Spitzer & Piers Morgan airing back to back.Klein
tweeted a similar message on Parker Spitzer.
Now CNN is the only network that is not live
for the hour. The 9 pm hour of Nancy Grace
is now live.I am starting to think Piers has
some issues with live interviews.

Anonymous said...

Oprah proved to be the right choice from the ratings.
Was it the Oprah effect ? It will be interesting to
see the ratings 2 weeks from now.

Anonymous said...

It's simple. It was something different than
Sarah Palin & Michael Moore. The answer for
CNN is not ideology or pundits. Maybe this
is so crazy it actually works.I would like to
see the full ratings for Monday with CNN
starting at 4 AM now.

Anonymous said...

I say we can't read too much into the 1st
night of ratings for Piers Morgan tonight.
Oprah has a huge following. It just could
have been her fans showing their support.
1 night does not define success. CNN has
a long way to go.

Anonymous said...

@1:36PM: You are correct in your assumption about Piers having issues with live interviews.
According to one recent interview on TVN he acknowledged that he DID have issues going live.
Naturally, you can edit and re-edit and make corrections.
I don't much care for the set either, too many lights and its way too brightly lit.
Howard Stern acted as though he was actually doing CNN a favor coming on.
Seated behind that glass desk, he looks like someone conducting an audition. These's something wrong with the staging.

Anonymous said...

Whenever Klein issues a promotional release folks, it is the "kiss of death."
Yes, he had to say good things about Piers Morgan. "He's his baby." (Figuratively speaking of course.)