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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Peter Bergen on TDS

CNN's Peter Bergen made an appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Monday. Bergen's new book is The Longest War was reviewed by The New York Times in its Sunday Book Review recently.

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Anonymous said...

Now, could Piers Morgan conduct an interview like this?
It is evident from hearing Jon's questioning, that he has read Peter
Bergen's book and he can thoroughly engage him in the political implications and strategy of US deployment.
Think Peter will book Piers' show??
Let's take bets. I say no.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen Peter on CNN lately and that
is a real shame. I agree Piers Morgan is no
Jon Stewart and never will be. I still don't
think that Piers Morgan is not that good.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Suzanne Malveaux. She is now
on the daily anchoring schedule. She replaces
Tony Harris. Congrats to Brooke Baldwin as well
as she now has the permanent gig.

Anonymous said...

Brooke surprised me. She seemed very superficial at first, but then she was working with Rick Sanchez who was superficial.