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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Parker/ Spitzer

We noticed last night that the little 'live' bug was in the bottom corner of Parker/Spitzer. That's a change that we read more about today, in addition to the speculation that continues to swirl about Kathleen Parker's possible replacement.

The New York Post reported:

Network honcho Ken Jautz announced yesterday during a morning meeting that the show, which had previously been taped, would now be aired live, one insider said.
"He ended the conversation saying, 'That's all I have right now,' " the source said.

As The Post reported yesterday, Parker, a Pulitzer prize-winning columnist, could be dumped any day now due to a lack of chemistry with the disgraced former governor and dismal ratings."[Parker] is being pushed out," an insider said. "But she's putting up a fight because she's been hung out to dry."

Although CNN has considered possible replacements for Parker such as former Fox anchor E.D. Hill and National Review writer Will Cain, this week's switch to live television may be a last ditch effort to keep Parker on board.

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Anonymous said...

Would you trust these people with breaking news.
Of course not. That is the problem. CNN needs
to have journalists who can give them credibility
in prime time.If this is your 1st prime time show,
you are headed for failure.It never will work. The
time for Crossfire has come and gone. Maybe if
CNN would stop trying to fool viewers for once
they could get somewhere. Viewers are rejecting
Parker Spitzer. If management can't admit this is
a mistake, they will never see that CNN is an epic
failure. They destroyed the network with bad
decisions and alienated loyal CNN viewers.

Anonymous said...

This is very true, and they are continuing to destory the network with bad decisions.
Just tonite I happened to switch over to the Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell and he was speaking about gun control with Ed Shultz who was "given the last word."
I bring this up because at the exact same time AC360 was doing their quote: Ridiculist.
#1. It wasn't funny and #2 It was totally inappropriate to do that this week.
Jon Stewart, who happens to have two small children, can't even bring himself to do regular broadcasting.
He devoted his second show to VERIZON and their link to Apple.
He knows instinctively, that this is NOT the week to diss Cable.
CNN has been smart....up until resuming regular programming of the Ridiculist.....and IMHO 360 should be on it.
I do hope this gets posted because it is one reason why CNN, in the words of another poster: "sucks"

ACAnderFan said...

@anonymous 1:51am, I saw absolutely nothing wrong with 360 airing the RidicuList last nite. I though it was funny, and I think with all the serious news there is nothing wrong with ending the program on light moment. You can't just have doom and gloom all the time. People need lighter stuff and things to laugh at and I think the RidicuList is perfect for that.

Anonymous said...

Have you guys heard anything about CNN's
plans for the Arizona memorial. I have yet
to hear about CNN's coverage. I hope they
stay away from the side show and focus on
the loud mouths who have no connection
whatsoever to do with the tragedy. If they
don't have any connection to the events ,
get off the stage.,Did a pundit or radio host
lose any family members ? 360 sure as heck
better not give Sarah Palin the time of day.
It makes no sense for her to put out an
inflammatory video on the day of the
memorial.CNN's main focus should be the
memorial and nothing else. Let's hope they
are smart enough to let the pros handle
the live coverage and not Parker Spitzer.

Anonymous said...

I agree it was nothing wrong with 360 running
the Ridiculist. Finally, 360 got it right for 2 horus.
At some point they will figure out to let Anderson
be the gifted journalist he is.If you have the pundit
panels, the subject gets lost and it its worthless.
Granted 360 was 3rd but I can't remember the last
time 360 had more than 200,00 in the demo.360
was more focused and got it right last night. I will
tell you when 360 is right or wrong. IMHO they got
it right last night.I still think CNN should go for
a women's news show at 9, featuring all of the
wonderful female journalists at CNN, HLN &
CNN i, no politics.It would get CNN back in the
game. Women care about the news and it is
unfortunate that cable news does not realize
they are missing millions of potential viewers.
CNN needs to find shows compatible with 360.
Not a prime time line up that is all over the

Anonymous said...

"I agree that 360 got it right for 2 hours."
According to TVN, although all the cable networks had strong showings for the Presidential memorial, which was excellent, CNN 360 came in last.
The President gave a Eulogy. You don't have pundits dissect a Eulogy and reduce it to Political nonsense.
President Obama hit just the right note. He was trying to pull the country together through a show of strenght and unity and AC360 had on the ole' gang of pundits to splice it and dice it to shreds.
Yes, when AC finally interviewed one or two of the survivors it was of some interest, but the main point of the nite was that the POTUS got it right and that should have been the end of it.