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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tonight on CNN

CNN Plans Live Programming of President Obama’s Speech in Arizona

CNN will provide live programming of President Obama’s speech at 8 p.m. ET with Wolf Blitzer anchoring. Chief national correspondent John King and national political correspondent Jessica Yellin will provide coverage of the victims’ memorial service and the latest details about Saturday's tragedy in Tucson. Tonight’s coverage also will include historian Douglas Brinkley, CNN senior political analyst David Gergen, and former presidential speechwriter Michael Gerson. also will stream the President’s speech at beginning at 8 p.m. ET.

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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness. CNN is bringing in the adults.
That is one thing that has really bother me about
how cable news has covered this tragic event.It
would be great if CNN would rethink about giving
air time to the extremists on both sides. Act like
you got some sense. Innocent lives were taken
and there should be no media circus. The media
executives need to understand there is a time and
place for everything.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that CNN does not forget that tonight
is about the 6 people who died and the victims.
This is America's night to honor them. No crawl,
no back and forth, just a healing moment. I really
hope that CNN does not turn me off tonight.

Anonymous said...

Tonite I watched Fox during the memorial just to see how it would be broadcasted.
And except for labels at the bottom, there was little to clutter the screen.
Roger Ailes has given their news division strict orders to tone their rhetoric down and they've seemed to, for the moment at least, to have done that.

Anonymous said...

I think CNN did not understand the memorial
service last night.It was a national celebration
and a way for a community to wipe the smirk
off of the gunman's face. The speech last night
is what a news show should be. We learned from
Obama that she opened her eyes for the first time.
You watch events and news to learn something
or to witness live events in real time .

I am surprised that the media did not notice how
Mrs. Obama was holding the hand of Giffords
husband for support.It felt like a national revival.
I think the pundits came into the event so jaded
that the did not realize the experience. CNN
needs to understand that there is an American
culture and a political culture. Most of us are
not a part of the political culture like the ones
that CNN put on panels. CNN needs to really
find an eloquent journalist like Tom Brokaw
to elevate their coverage in moments like this.

Now by they time they got around to the
regular 360 they dialed back. 360 even broke
news that NYC firefighters were sending the
9/11 flag. Too often the media misses the
American spirit and that is a disconnect.I was
flipping back and forth this morning between
American Morning and Morning Joe. I think
Joe said it best. It was in poor taste to do
the political thing after an event like this.
This leads me to believe that there is an
ideological mindset that goes all of the way
to the top of Time Warner. Maybe it is time
for news executives to stop living in a box.
CNN looked so out of touch after the speech.
You can't define Americans through pundits.
It is truly an outdated model. Let's hope CNN
understands it before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

"CNN needs to understand that there is an American culture and a political culture.
This is true and CNN also needed to understand that there is a Southwestern culture as well, that is why they had a native American Indian lead the prayer service.
President Obama gave a eulogy at a memorial service for the victims.
It was inappropriate to analyze the political implications that were given in remarks at a EULOGY.
The POTUS set exactly the right tone to give the community of Tucson, unity and strength and CNN should not have used this as an opportunity to increase its ratings by politicizing this event.