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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

CNN vs. Fox, Colbert Style

Last night Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert took a closer look at this week's war of words between CNN's Nic Robertson and Fox News Steve Harrigan. Enjoy!


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Anonymous said...

Maybe they will now be telling fewer jokes
about CNN. TV Newser has an interesting
item on CNN. Ken Jautz is saying CNN is
going news with less political emphasis.
Waiting to see if it will really happen. They
can't ignore the strong numbers that news
brings in. Wonder how long before we see
this with our very own eyes. I hope he is
not playing those of us who have been
hoping CNN would give us the news.

Anonymous said...

Call me cynic. That would mean an end to
In The Arena. I think he is trying to have it
both ways. Ken Jautz also said more pov's.
News is not pov it is based on facts.

Anonymous said...

360's numbers are holding steady. Anderson
beat Greta by nearly 100,000 in the demo
despite there being a difference of some
500,000 viewers. Something big is happening
for Anderson & company.

I wish CNN would be live more live ABC
News Now overnight.

Anonymous said...

Military historians are calling the media out
for falsely calling the US military involvement
in Libya a war. It is not and that is why you
will not see an oval office address. CNN yet
again is leaving out some facts. The president
has 60 days before having to go to congress
for funds. If the allies have control of the
operation this weekend. Game over.CNN
last time I checked Obama is commander in
chief. That came with being elected president.
I know you have a hard tine accepting that
Obama is president. Deal with it.
The historians say attack is appropriate.
CNN using the word war to inflame the
situation. I really don't understand why
the worst political team on television
does not understand there are multiple
goals going on with Libya.CNN is a push
over. Here we go again the republican
rope a dope. Boehner releases a statement
and escapes hard questions because CNN
is dumb enough to do his dirty work.
Give these people a dictionary.

Anonymous said...

Someone has to tell Ken Jautz, what NEWS is.
THE LABOR ISSUE is news. After all, he wouldn't know this coming from HLN so all of us involeved with unions will send him a loud and clear message the minute election time rolls around.
And speaking of Fox VS CNN, it was Greta who won the time slot last nite on Wednesday, because of all things, she had a report about "collective bargaining!"
Could that be News???
Like everything else, war in the Middle East will become stale and old.
Viewers have been viewers longer than Ken Jautz has been president of CNN.

Anonymous said...

If 2 of the 3 majors networks lead with
Elizabeth Taylor rather than Libya you
know it is not a war. CNN is the only
channel using that banner. The only
place were you see or hear all of the
bogus talk about we don't understand
Libya is from the talent on cable news.
CNN needs to stop behaving as if the
American public is confused. Libya is
a complex situation. Obama better be
pursuing multiple avenues. If he was
not that would be irresponsible. We
know there is a difference between a
No Fly Zone and what happened in
Iraq & Afghanistan. Been there done
that CNN. Duh. Gloria Bolger wants
Obama to fail so badly you can see it
in her face. The whining from congress
is simply politics as usual. During the
entire Situation Room Wolf Blitzer failed
to mention the polls show the public
supports what Obama is doing in Libya.
Why was this not mentioned. Don't
believe the hype from CNN.CNN is
acting like a group of kids wondering
why were are not at Disneyland. Are
we there yet ? Stop the nonsense.
CNN does not understand there are
different issues going on. The UN is
no fly. Diplomatically, is the allies trying
to come up with a plan for all involved.
Obama saying Gadhafi must go is another
issue. This is a puzzle with several pieces.

Anonymous said...

Busted, the questions by Carol Costello are
bogus. Posters have been saying negative
things about the fake issues that she brings
up and they are ignored to make it seem like
there is this widespread opposition to the
president's actions on Libya. If you actually
read the comments, majority are siding with
the Obama. You can't fool people who really
know how to use Facebook. Carol Costello
is simply an Obama hater and CNN needs
to stop giving the her a platform. CNN is
going downhill again. CNN lies. She read
all of the comments from people who
don't like Obama.

Anonymous said...

Considering what's happening with Carol Costello, is Ken Jautz going to do something about CNN anti-Obama stance and bias? I'd rather see less political coverage if it's going to be unfairly presented.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton has played a very crucial role in our no fly zone strategy and she must have more air time on all prime shows, including 360.
If she does not, than CNN is not only unfair and unbalanced, they are also sexist.

Anonymous said...

I never understand the comments on these blogs. Does anyone actually spend time talking about the Subject matter this item was about? Reading the comments about how much CNN hates Obama (they dont, they are simply calling it how they see it--spend 20 mins watching Hannity if you want to see what Obama bashing is really about) or Ken Jautz comments have zero to do with Nic Robertson or Colbert. Geez focus on the topic. I hear how CNN cant focus on real news, and yet people here cant even stay on topic on a small news blog for 5 mins.