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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dr. Gupta on 60 Minutes, Counterfeit Drugs

Because of the breaking news in Japan and Libya this week we neglected posting Dr. Sanjay Gupta's appearance on 60 Minutes. He did an excellent job on the very interesting topic of counterfeit drugs.


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Anonymous said...

While I am a Sanjay fan, and like it when he accompanies AC on his trips, as in Japan, and when the good doctor provides addition medical insite on various conditions that are news worthy, I found this particular report, a bit dull.
I think Sanjay has to practice the 60 Minute "style" of reporting.
Scott Paley did a wonderful 60 Minutes piece on the Japanese devastation just this Sunday, and he was captivating in his questioning, even though we were aware of the ulitmate results the viewer couldn't turn away.
Sanjay has yet to capture this style of engagement.
Keep practicing Sanjay. The potential is there. Use it.

Anonymous said...

If Ali Velshi, Kiran Chetry and Christine Romans
are the new morning anchor team on CNN , MJ
thanks you because you will sink in viewers &
the demo. They are so annoying I had to turn
the channel. It is as if they are auditioning and
the audition is going badly. Really CNN. The
latest CNN blunder ,moving TJ Holmes off of

Anonymous said...

It would not surprise me one bit to see Anderson
Cooper in Libya & talking with Sanjay Gupta live
from Japan with the situation there.

Two people to keep an eye on at CNN are TJ
Holmes & Isha Sesay, Their stock is rising.
I have a feeling these 2 have a really bright
future at CNN. Without a doubt they are good
and have all of the necessary skills. Isha was
on 360, TSR, this weekend and anchoring
this morning. CNN has the best young talent.
Personally, I hope she stays on 360 perhaps
with an expanded role.

Not sure what the deal was this morning
with American Morning. Too much interrupting
and stumbling for my taste. I flipped to HLN.

Anonymous said...

Isha made the 9-11 AM edition of the
News Room shine. It was as if Carol
was dragging down the show. Isha does
have an energy that jumps off the screen.
How long has she been at CNN ?

Anonymous said...

The first time I saw Isha on 360, I knew she was a special talent and was someone they needed to hang on to. And quite naturally she got the job. She has a great deal of vitality/personality and she's a strong and smart anchor as well. If all she's going to do on 360 is the bulletin, I don't expect her to hang around very long - I like her with Anderson, but she's better than that.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous comments on Sanjay's report on 60 Minutes. I could envision Sanjay, with a bit of coaching from someone @60 minutes, being a regular contributor on the program. It's qualiity reporting at its best, and he would be a real asset to the lineup of reporters.

Anonymous said...

Finally - someone who has said what I"ve been thinking about AM Fix. It is HORRIBLE! Christine Romans talks like she's on speed, or has serious ADD. Can she NOT interrupt someone to put in a witty quip, and can she NOT answer the questions she is asking guests - as if they don't know how to answer?

It is a horrible, horrible lineup. I do not care for Kiran Chetry. They need to give her some entertainment show, and bring in TJ and a more competent news woman!

Anonymous said...

I was startled to learn about counterfeit drugs, especially since members of my Epilepsy support group have been telling me how much less expensive it is to purchase their Anti Seizure Medications through the mail. Thank you for this report.