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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday's Programming Updates

Sunday's programming changes:

9AM-1PM State of the Union with Candy Crowley live
1-3PM CNN-US/CNNI simulcast with co-anchors
3-4PM CNN Newsroom live
4-6PM CNN-US/CNNI simulcast with co-anchors
7-8PM CNN Newsroom live
8-10PM CNN-US/CNNI simulcast of The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer live

All times are Eastern, schedule subject to change

Reporters covering Libya:
Arwa Damon is in Libya (@arwaCNN)
Nic Robertson is in Tripoli (@nicrobertsonCNN)
Reza Sayah is in Cairo (@sayahCNN)
Jim Bitterman and Jill Dougherty (@cnnjill) are in Paris
Ed Henry (@edhenrycnn)& Juan Carlos Lopez (CNN en Espanol) are with President Obama
Richard Roth is in New York at the United Nations (@richardrothcnn)
Wolf Blitzer (@wolfblitzercnn), John King (@johnkingcnn), Barbara Starr (@barbarastarrcnn) & Chris Lawrence report
Mohammed Jamjoom(@jamjoomcnn) is in Abu Dhabi
Leone Lakhani (@leonecnn) is in Bahrain
Fred Pleitgen (@fpleitgencnn) is in Berlin
Diana Magnay (@dimagnaycnn) is in Sicily
Atika Shubert (@atika_cnn) is in London

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It seems Jim Walton has been quietly restructuring
CNN's management. Walton brought in Tony
Maddox to handle & coordinate CNN domestic &
international. Mark Whitaker is hired, they bring
in someone from BET & now has a technology
guru. The NYT & Baltimore Sun have recently
talked about Tony Maddox and how CNN clicks
with the combo of a domestic & international
anchor team. The Sun has an interesting take.
Saying that is the model of the future for CNN.
The paper had the right word to describe
Eliot Spitzer & Piers Morgan, poseurs. Both
come across as fake and that is not a good
thing in television news.CNN has a golden
opportunity. The NYT is about to put up a
paywall. So CNN should become the world's
largest source for news & information . All
you need is basic cable /satellite which
most Americans have. You give viewers news,
not so much political, international news,
original reports like those filed in Japan &
Libya. Viewers suffer no fools these days
and will go to the internet to get news they
want if it is not available on television.
Unlike print & radio, television is a visual
medium.CNN has gotten it's act together with
it's reporting. They are going no comment
with video from Japan & Libya. They are
letting you hear as though it comes into
your living room. CNN needs to let their
people actually do some reporting.At times
CNN is laughable,boring and too predictable
and relies on formulas and tries nothing new.
When it comes to journalism and news
reporting the basics will always matter.
News not opinion is the route CNN needs to
take. Many are writing about those CNN
ratings & it shows you can do real news
and get viewers. Let;s hope the management
at CNN understands the news comes first
and finds creative ways for storytelling &
presentation and yes find the stories the
world should know about. Those stories
can be here in the U.S. or somewhere in
the world.