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Monday, April 25, 2011

Donald Trump Tonight on AC360 + Transcript

Anderson Cooper 360° has launched an investigation of the myth that President Obama was not born in the United States. CNN’s Gary Tuchman travelled to Hawaii to find the facts and tonight he and AC360 are 'Keeping Them Honest'.

Also on tonight’s show Donald Trump, a supporter of the birther movement, will be interviewed by Anderson Cooper.

AC360 will originate from NYC Monday and Tuesday night and from London Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to cover the Royal Wedding.

This just in:

As the birther controversy reaches a fever pitch, Anderson Cooper 360° launches the definitive investigation of the myth that won’t die: that the president was not born in the United States.
CNN’s Gary Tuchman travelled to Hawaii and what he found will be difficult for some people to accept. Tuchman interviews Dr. Chiyome Fukino, the former director of the Hawaii Department of Health, and a Republican. In her first on camera interview says that she is one of two state officials, who has seen the original birth certificate in the Department of Health vault.

Gary Tuchman: and what did it tell you? Was it authentic? Was he born here in the state of Hawaii?
Dr. Chiyome: it was absolutely authentic. He was absolutely born here in the state of Hawaii.

Also on tonight’s show Anderson Cooper will interview Donald Trump. Below please find blurbs from their interview -

Anderson Cooper: You’ve said repeatedly that you have investigators in Hawaii looking into the president’s birth certificate that you’re looking into it very very strongly, that’s a quote. In another interview, you said that your investigators quote can’t believe what they’re finding. We’ve had a team in Hawaii, talking to everyone in the state health dept to the school where Obama’s mother went, other families who were in the hospital at the same time as when he was born, none of them say they’ve been contacted by anyone working for you.

Donald Trump: Well maybe they’re not saying and maybe they’re not contacting the same people Anderson. There’s a lot of people in Hawaii. And frankly it’s hard to believe he just doesn’t issue his birth certificate. It would be so easy to do if in fact he has one. And a birth certificate is not a certificate of live birth, which is a much much lower standard as you know.

AC: can you name even one person your investigators have talked to? Just one?

DT: It’s not appropriate.

AC: Just one?

DT: It’s not appropriate Anderson, you would say the same thing if I asked you that question.

AC: Do you in fact have investigators on the ground?

DT: Anderson, I told you, and you made two statements at the beginning, 100 percent correct. It’s 100 percent correct, of course I do.


AC: we’ve interviewed the former director of the Hawaii Department of Health, a Republican, one of 2 state officials who’s seen the original birth certificate in the Department of Health vault. She says she hasn’t been contacted by your people, isn’t that someone they should talk to if they’re there.

DT: Well I’ve been told very recently, Anderson, that the birth certificate is missing, I’ve been told that’s it not there or it doesn’t exist. And if that’s the case it’s a big problem.

AC: Who told you that?

DT: I just heard that 2 days ago from somebody.

AC: From your investigators?

DT: I don’t’ want to say who but I’m told that it’s either not there or it’s missing. I feel badly about that because I’d love for him to produce the birth certificate so that you can fight one on one. If you look at what he’s doing on fuel prices, you can do a great fight one-on-one, you don’t need this issue.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up. Won't be watching.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is pure entertainment and everyone knows it.
I'll watch just to be entertained and CNN knows there are thousands just like me.
If Trump is good enough for Fox, he's good enough for 360.

Anonymous said...

As Jeff Toobin pointed out to AC,
"Don't bother Trump with the FACTS."
Birthers will always find something to complain about because there's nothing else on their agenda.

Anonymous said...

I don't find Trump entertaining in the LEAST. Incredibly stupid, obnoxious and annoying is more like it. He should be ignored.

Anonymous said...

So now that we know Donald Trump is full
of it can CNN move on to real news and end
the craziness. CNN your credibility is quickly
disappearing. Trump is playing the media for
a fool and they keep letting him.

Anonymous said...

If Trump was that "incredibly stupid," he'd never have the fortune he does have.
Does he exaggerate his wealth...yes, but anyone who can make that kind of money, is NOT stupid.
And he's playing the media like a fiddle, whether he runs or not.
The Apprentice, like it or not, is entertaining if only because of Trump's ego, and everywhere he goes he draws huge crowds and MEDIA attention....just look at 360
numbers from last nite.
Would he make a good President. Probably not, but HE does make good television and that's the name of the game.
That's not stupid.