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Monday, April 25, 2011

Ratings For The Week of April 18th - April 22nd

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

CNN better have a back up plan. Tell me
they have been developing shows in case
In The Arena and Piers Morgan fail. It has
to be reaching record lows for CNN.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if this is a sign that CNN
is in a downward spiral, How low can the
ratings go for CNN before they decide to
do something about the situation ? Could
this be a sign that it is going from bad to
worse for CNN ? CNN is reaching it's goal
of turning off as many viewers as possible.

Anonymous said...

CNN is not doing enough news and it a day or
2 late with news that has already been on the
internet. Perhaps instead of rerunning Morning
Express and 6 hours of chatter why not go with
CNN International on HLN from 9 AM until 4 PM.
CNN is a shrinking news organization. The news
matters. These numbers should be a wake up call.

Anonymous said...

CNN, MSNBC & FNC already know the deal.
Already all 3 are crunching the numbers
and they will all have their spin on things.

It is a safe beat that all of the networks will
be down. However, CNN will have a huge
drop off.

Both CNN & HLN need to revamp their shows.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone actually see Pierce Morgan tonite and who he interviewed from London?
What a snooze.
If he wants to appeal to the younger hip generation, his numbers are going to be zero tomorrow.
The British are boring, but they're not that boring.
Teachers hear this. Watching Piers Morgan on CNN can be your new punishment for those who misbehave.