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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

CNN Rates the Month of April


In the Arena is Up 30%, Piers Morgan Tonight Increases 20% and Anderson Cooper 360 Grows 35%; While FNC declines Each Hour in Primetime

John King, USA is Up 58%, The Situation Room Grows 44% in Demo

As the breaking news cycle cooled in April, CNN continued to post big gains and grew more than any other cable news network compared to a year ago – increasing an impressive +31% in M-F primetime (201k vs. 154k), +25% in total day (154k vs. 123k) and +33% during dayside (162k vs. 122k) in the key demo adults 25-54. Also in April, CNN topped MSNBC in total day (6a-6a) among both total viewers (452k vs. 429k) and in the key demo (154k vs. 147k); FNC was down -6% (272k vs. 288k) in the demo.

While CNN saw a +31% increase in M-F primetime in April, MSNBC was up only 7% (273k vs. 256k) and Fox News declined -10% (543k vs. 600k) compared to last year among 25-54. In addition, each CNN primetime (M-F) program also saw substantial double-digit demo gains vs. a year ago.

• CNN’s In the Arena was the only program at 8 pm to gain viewers compared to April 2010 – increasing +30% (157k vs. 121k), MSNBC’s Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell was down -5% (258k vs. 272k) and FNC’s O’Reilly Factor was off -9% (701k vs. 774k) in the demo 25-54. Since In the Arena launched (February 28) the program is up +72% among 25-54 vs. 4th quarter (232k vs. 135k), while MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell is down -14% since his launch (January 24) vs. Olbermann’s 4th quarter average (248k vs. 288k).

• In April, Piers Morgan Tonight continued to grow and increased more than the other cable news networks at 9 pm in the demo vs. year-ago programming – up +20% (189k vs. 157k), MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show was up 13% (315k vs. 279k) and FNC’s Hannity was down -3% (525k vs. 541k). In addition, compared to CNN’s 4th quarter average Piers Morgan launch-to-date is up +61% in the demo (274k vs. 170k) and +30% among total viewers (856k vs. 657k).

• AC 360 also grew the most compared to the other cable news networks at 10 pm vs. last year – increasing +35% (244k vs. 181k), MSNBC’s The Ed Show/Docs grew 22% (247k vs. 203k) while Fox News’s On the Record dropped double digits, losing -14% of its key demo audience in April (413k vs. 480k).

At 7 pm, John King, USA was also up this month, increasing +58% in the demo 25-54 (172k vs. 109k) and +23% in total viewers (523k vs. 426k) vs. April 2010.

At 5 pm, CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer increased +41% in the demo vs. last year (173k vs. 123k), and topped MSNBC’s Hardball (156k). The Situation Room also increased +24% in total viewers (630k vs.509k) vs. a year ago. FNC’s Glenn Beck continued to experience declines in April compared to a year ago – decreasing -25% in the key demo 25-54 (455k vs. 609k) and declined -12% in total viewers (1.906m vs. 2.171m). In addition, the Situation Room at 6 pm was up +44% in the demo (179k vs. 124k) and increased +16% in total viewers (570k vs. 490k).

In April, CNN Newsroom (9am to 5pm) bested MSNBC every hour in both total viewers and the key demo 25-54, posting gains from 14%-53% each hour in the demo. In head-to-head comparisons with MSNBC’s daytime non-opinion programming, CNN had a +54% advantage in total viewers (531k vs. 344k) and a +74% lead among adults 25-54 (162k vs. 93k). Specifically, at 1 pm CNN Newsroom was up +51% in the demo 25-54 and at 4 pm, the Brooke Baldwin led-hour increased +53%.

State of the Union with Candy Crowley on Sunday at 9 am also grew compared to a year ago, up +17% (152k vs. 130k) and at noon increased +25% (175k vs. 140k). Fareed Zakaria GPS at 10 am grew +21% (156k vs. 129k) and Reliable Sources was up +34% (173k vs. 129k) in the demo 25-54.

CNN reached a cumulative audience of 93.7 million viewers in April, FNC lagged behind with 78.1 million and MSNBC averaged 73.7 million.

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Anonymous said...

The truth is 360 is CNN highest rated show and
it finished as the 17th highest ranked cable news
program. It seems that the 10 PM hr is turning
out to be the hour to watch in cable news. On
The Record has fallen to 6th and Ed is averaging
more than 900,000. We can only hope that 360
finds ways to grow the show. CNN prime time
lineup could use a shot in the arm. CNN''s 3rd
prime time show is the most popular. Can we
get a couple of shows to possibly give 360 a
boost ? Will CNN make changes in prime time
to get another show that is competitive ? We
can only hope. I am happy for John King, who
is beating In The Arena. Also, the distance
developing between CNN & MSNBC from 8
to 10 PM is not good news. It can eventually
drag 360 way down.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper can take credit for exposing
Donald Trump as a fraud and liar. On 360,
Trump claimed the birth certificate is missing.
Guess what. It is not and is being released to
the press. Same goes for all of these birther
bill in the states. President Obama is about
to make Donald Trump look absolutely like
the idiot he is. Now the media will have to
make a choice. Does this end the craziness
that Obama was not born in the United States
and is not a Muslim. Will they no longer give
a platform to people to come on an make
this false accusation.360 did Obama a favor
big time with the investigation and the 360
interview clearly rattle Donald Trump.
Major props to Gary Tuchman who did what
the reporters should have done a long time
ago. It is called journalism,

Anonymous said...

CNN is still focusing on Donald Trump.
Unfortunately, there is video out there of
Trump and others spreading this false
rumor. Now that we know it is not true
why is CNN still focusing on the circus
clown. The president is right. CNN and
all of the media need to grow up and
go with facts and not fiction. CNN there
is polling that shows 60 % of Americans
say the will never vote for Donald Trump.
Only CNN would think Donald Trump
is legitimate. But then again we are in
the age in which there is an incredibly
stupid news media in America.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break Anderson needs to do
a KTH segment on how CNN played up
this issue. Donald Trump could not have
gotten traction without CNN's consent. I
dare Anderson to put his own network
under the microscope. CNN is getting
what its deserves. CNN aligned itself
with Donald Trump now they are about to
go down with him.CNN gets no free pass.
Let the media bosses face the music on
this issue as well. I want someone at CNN
to explain to me why is it that if you make
statements bashing Obama, you will get
extended airtime on CNN. Secondly, why
the facts no longer matter to CNN. Let's
be honest. CNN has never challenged
Donald Trump on the facts. Never believe
anything you see on CNN again. I have
no reason to trust their news. CNN just
makes stuff up all of the time. How dare
them try to act innocent in this matter.