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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Time to Get Back to Real News

**Tune in to CNN at 7pm ET tonight – CNN’s John King will sit down with Donald Trump in New Hampshire.**

The investigation of Donald Trump's allegations about President Obama's birth certificate irregularities aired Monday and Tuesday on CNN’s AC 360°. This morning President Obama released the long form of his birth certificate and urged the media to move on to covering more important issues.

Here is Anderson Cooper's interview with Donald Trump as aired on Monday and Tuesday's AC360:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Donald Trumps response to the release of President Obama's long form birth certificate:

And Gary Tuchman's interview with Former Hawaii Health Director Dr. Chiyome Fukino:

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog. I don't know how
you guys do it but you all are so right on
so many things with regards to CNN.

Gary Tuchman is an amazing reporter and
he should be all over CNN all day long. 360
benefited from his hard work and AC was
able to put the Donald to shame in an
interview because of Gary's hard work. That
should be a lesson to CNN : be a real news
channel and knock it off with the chatter
that too often is substituted for facts. Use
your own people and not the pundits. CNN
turn over your network to your reporters.

CNN has a Trump problem. They are now
joined at the hip.

Anonymous said...

Clearly this was suppose to be Donald
Trump day on CNN. How is it that he
is sitting down with John King. John
set this up before President Obama
called his bluff. Did you see The View.
When all of them agree that Trump
owes Obama & America an apology,
you know it's trouble. They even picked
up on the basketball reference saying
there is an element of racism in what
Trump is doing. CNN is a part of this
circus . CNN owes Obama and their
viewers an apology. CNN is not a news
channel ; they spread lies. It is time for
CNN to come under scrutiny and how
the press covers this president needs
to be discussed as well. Could they
be racist as well. Why is it so easy for
these lies to make it into the news at
CNN and constantly treated as truth.

Anonymous said...

CNN shows more respect to Donald Trump
than President Obama. Comcast is about to
feel the heat to can the clown. Now that The
Voice is NBC's top rated show,some 4 million
more viewers than Trump they likely will. I
hope CNN feels the same heat and fires all
of the bigots they hire bash Obama daily. It
is time for CNN to practice responsible
journalism and quit following the noise.

Anonymous said...

There is no reason for John King to interview Trump. Trump has been proven wrong by the facts. If the media wants to talk about Trump, perhaps it's time they stop indulging him and start investigating some of his claims about his business acumen and finances. Palin's dead in the water and now the MSM has moved on to Trump as the person they'd like to pit against Obama. Maybe John King will challenge Trump on some of his baloney, but I'm not expecting it.

Anonymous said...

Obama's release of the long form birth certificate will not put the issue to rest.
He just satisfied Trump's ego and fed into all the racist concepts about having a black man as President.
While I don't think Trump is a racist, most of the birthers are and they will never be satisfied, unless of course Obama does a Michael Jackson, and suddenly becomes white.

Anonymous said...

Both Comcast and CNN need to be taken to task.
CNN has birthers on their payroll. Carol Costello,
Jack Cafferty, Candy Crowley, Wolf Blitzer, Ed
Henry, Anderson Cooper, John King and all of the
members of the worst political team on tv have
elevated Donald Trump and the birthers to the
national level. CNN is racist and so is Donald
Trump. He was given a free pass because he
is a wealthy white male. CNN has had a big
problem with a black man being president
from day 1. Any network with ties to the
birthers will be held accountable and there
will be a national campaign to ask advertisers
to not support these networks or tv shows.
Even after Trump was exposed for the fraud
he is CNN kept focusing on the liar and even
gave him more time on the network.