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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Few Odds & Ends 5/4/11

A few CNN related videos to share with you today. First Soledad O'Brien popped up on TMZ last night. Here's the clip:

Jon Stewart apparently was as taken aback by Piers Morgan's candidness during the Royal Wedding coverage as Anderson Cooper and the rest of us were. Here's that clip:

And this next clip is a radio interview that John King did with Ryan Seacrest the morning after the POTUS announced Bin Ladin's death.

Broadcast&Cable has a most interesting with Sam Feist, CNN VP, about the behind the scenes scramble to get anchors and reporters in place for the President's big announcement.

I called Wolf Blitzer, who was at home in Maryland watching the Washington Capitals game. And I said, "Get in. Now." He said, "What is it?" I said, "I don't know, but it's important." So he grabbed a jacket and a tie and he raced downtown to CNN Washington bureau. At the same time, our chief national correspondent John King was at the hockey game with his daughter, and he raced to the Washington bureau.

Here are some new numbers on CNN’s coverage of the death of Bin Laden.

Fast National data: Monday, May 2 – day two death of bin Laden:

Anderson Cooper 360 tops both FNC and MSNBC in both total viewers and the demo at 10 pm
Piers Morgan and American Morning top MSNBC in total viewers and demo.
In the Arena tops MSNBC in the P25-54 demo.

10:00 pm:
• CNN’s Anderson Cooper tops FNC’s Greta Van Susteren and MSNBC’s Ed Show in both total viewers and demo 25-54
• CNN has 54 % advantage over FNC and a 149% lead over MSNBC in key demo:

CNN: 2.921 million total viewers/1.282 million P25-54 demo
FNC: 2.707 million total viewers/ 830k P25-54 demo
MSNBC: 1.404 million total viewers/ 514k P25-54 demo

9:00 pm:
• CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight tops MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow show in the demo 25-54
• Has second highest demo 25-54 performance since launch (after Japan earthquake) and third highest total viewer number (also after Japan and premiere)
• Morgan has a +21% advantage in total viewers and +27% lead in demo 25-54 over Maddow

CNN: 2.009m total viewers/816k P25-54 demo
MSNBC: 1.665m total viewers/ 643k P25-54 demo
FNC: 3.001 m total viewers/946k P25-54 demo

8:00 pm:
• CNN’s In the Arena topped MSNBC’s Last Word w/ Lawrence O’Donnell show in the demo 25-54
• This represents a +29% advantage in demo 25-54 over O’Donnell

CNN: 1.554m total viewers/ 638k P25-54 demo
MSNBC: 1.593m total viewers/ 494k P25-54 demo
FNC: 4.476m total viewers/ 1.317m P25-54 demo

7:00 pm:
• CNN’s John King, USA topped MSNBC’s Hardball in both total viewers and in the demo
• This represents an +87% advantage in total viewers and a +136% lead in the demo over Hardball

CNN: 2.191m total viewers/877k P25-54
MSNBC: 1.174m total viewers/372k P25-54
FNC: 3.131m total viewers/1.021 P 25-54

6:00 – 9:00 am:
• CNN’s American Morning topped MSNBC’s Morning Joe in both total viewers and the demo 25-54
• Has a +48% advantage in total viewers and +75% lead in demo 25-54 over Morning Joe

CNN: 1.523m total viewers/704k demo 25-54
MSNBC: 1.028m total viewers/402k demo
FNC: 2.244m total viewers/914k demo

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