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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Today's Special Programming from Ground Zero


Anderson Cooper will anchor live from NYC’s Ground Zero beginning at 11am ET today. Cooper will anchor CNN’s Newsroom coverage of President Obama’s visit to the site of the 9/11 terror attacks. Wolf Blitzer will join him live from CNN’s D.C. bureau for the special, which will be simulcast on CNN International.

CNN’s John King, USA will be live at 7 p.m. ET from Ground Zero. CNN anchor John King plans to interview former Secretary of Homeland Security and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge during the program.

Tonight on AC360 – airing at 10pm ET – among Cooper’s guests will be former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice who will give her thoughts on the death of Osama Bin Laden.

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Anonymous said...

I think Wolf Blitzer,Anderson Cooper &
John King struck the right tone with the
news of the wreath laying at Ground Zero.
The media seems to have forgotten what
happened on 9/11. Thanks goodness the
focus was on the families and people whose
lives have been affected by 9/11.

Anonymous said...

CNN just HAS to throw water on any Obama success. On In The Arena, they chose to debate about whether his good approval ratings after OBL will last and how that other President's weren't able to get reelected after having had similar success. WHY do they even need to go there? It's as if they're hoping that his approval ratings go down and that he fails in his reelection bid. It's really irritating.

Anonymous said...

Yes, as the "Hill" would say It Takes a Village," and instead of interviewing the former Secry. of State, Condeleezza Rice, AC should interview the PRESENT, Secry. of State.
I'm quite certain she played a very big role in this operation.
She's very smart and it has her own footprints all over it.
The only credit the Bush Administration should be getting is invading "the wrong country."

Anonymous said...

Is there no one from the Obama Administration that Anderson can interview? I'd like to think they've made some kind of effort to speak with someone on his staff, but it looks like they're going out of their way to call in as many players in Bush's war on terror that they can find. They are not providing their viewers with a balanced look at this situation. Don't try to rewrite history in order to put a positive spin on Bush's catastrophic decision making.

Anonymous said...

CNN just makes up fake topics and they
is why they will always have low ratings
without big news. It is not reality. John
King is also making a mistake saying that
as details change it diminishes the raid.
No it doesn't. I yet to come across one
person who cares about the details that
cable news is being so petty about. OBL
is dead and Americans are okay with that.
All of the former Bush administration folks
don't have a clue as to what happened.
There is no way they know anything about
the Leon Panetta plan. Just this morning
we are learning the CIA was nearby in
a safe house. The story is only going to
get more fascinating. Talking to former
Bush people adds nothing to the story.

Anonymous said...

Is CNN totally confused about which
administration is now in the White
House. From their perspective it must
be the Bush administration. Somebody
needs to tell them there was an election
in 2008 and there is now President Obama,
not president Bush.

Colbert says it best. You just can't get
enough of this story. You want to know
the latest juicy gossip. 360 made no
sense last night why was the Obama
visit to Ground Zero at the end of the
show. What is up with that ?

Besides Condeleeza Rice's meltdown on
the Last Word was great. It showed that
Anderson avoided asking tough questions
to Rice. The Bush administration had so
little to do with this period but the tea
party tells CNN they can't really report
that this happened with President Obama.
Bush failed. We ended up in 2 wars that
Obama also has to clean up.

Anonymous said...

The media are the only ones overly concerned with hearing more details about the raid on OBL. Just because the Bush Administration lied about Pat Tilman and Jessica Lynch doesn't mean that the Obama Administration is lying about the raid. It is understandable that there would be some confusion in the initial reports considering what happened, but John King suggested that the Obama Administration feels some shame in making the account more "muscular" than it really was. No matter how you slice it, it WAS a muscular takedown. OBL IS DEAD.

I hope it wasn't a sign of disrespect on 360's part to place the Ground Zero visit by President Obama at the end of the program. That event was more important than AC's softball interview with Condoleeza Rice. Lawrence O'Donnell ripped her to shreds as she kept repeating her Bush talking points. I like Anderson, but O'Donnell showed how it SHOULD be done when you're dealing with liars and frauds.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope moving forward that CNN focuses
on the story and not the speculation and none
issues. It is the end result that counts. 360
had some big numbers last night. Only a debate
was higher in the demo. Anderson Cooper beat
The Factor in the demo. It just goes to show 360
can get big numbers without pundits and strive
to improve content. 360 is hot right now and
they need to find a way to keep the ratings at
this level.

Anonymous said...

If I hear one more person on CNN ask should
Obama visit Ground Zero or go to meet with
troops in Kentucky , I will scream. It's not
like he is flying in on a fighter jet with a banner
that says mission accomplished. Get a life CNN.

Anonymous said...

@2:29PM: I agree. Is there no one 360 can ask from THIS administration or intervie??
Did we have to see Condoleezza Rice and listen to her banter trivia and spin with AC?
Would have loved to have heard O'Donnell's interview on His Last Word to compare the two.
Hillary did however, avoid answering why she looked so dismayed as the operation was taking place.
I believe she blamed it all on hay fever and couldn't logically explain her expression, unless she was hiding something. We can only guess.