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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Updated: Ratings For The Week of May 23rd - May 27th

1 - Special programming was aired on one night during the week

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.




Anderson Cooper 360 Tops MSNBC’s Ed Schultz at 10 pm and is Up 89%; Piers Morgan Tonight Increases 50%; In the Arena Grows 33%

John King, USA Bests MSNBC’s Hardball 7 pm and Grows 56%; and CNN Newsroom Tops Fox News at 12n

CNN Digital continues traffic surge, sets multiple records in May

In May, CNN continued to post significant year-over year-ratings gains and grew more than any other cable news network – increasing an impressive +60% in M-F primetime (279k vs. 174k), +47% in total day (218k vs. 148k) and +36% during dayside (207k vs. 152k) in the key demo adults 25-54 vs. last year. Also in May, CNN topped MSNBC in total day (6a-6a) among both total viewers (607k vs. 477k) and in the key demo 25-54 (218k vs. 169k).

CNN’s coverage during the hour President Obama announced the death of bin Laden ranked as the top non-sports hour across all ad-supported cable networks in May 2011 among both total viewers and key demo. CNN also had its best cumulative audience this month (since the Haiti earthquake in January 2010), reaching 117 million viewers.

While CNN saw a +60% increase in overall M-F primetime in May vs. a year ago (279k vs. 174k), MSNBC was up far less, 26% (294k vs. 233k) and Fox News declined -10% (504k vs. 558k) among 25-54. In addition, each CNN M-F primetime program also saw substantial double-digit demo gains vs. a year ago.

· AC 360 topped MSNBC’s The Ed Show/Docs in the key demo (390k vs. 279k) and among total viewers (1.032m vs. 858k), with MSNBC falling to third place in May. Anderson Cooper also grew the most compared to the other cable news networks at 10 pm vs. last year – increasing a staggering +89% (390k vs. 206k), MSNBC’s The Ed Show/Docs was up 41% compared to a year ago (279k vs. 198k), while Fox News’s On the Record dropped double digits, losing -12% of its key demo audience in May (406k vs. 462k).

Piers Morgan Tonight continued to grow and also increased more than the other cable news networks in the 9 pm timeslot among 25-54 compared to year-ago programming – up an impressive +50% (249k vs. 166k), MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show was up 37% (339k vs. 248k) and FNC’s Hannity was down -6% (491k vs. 520k). In addition, since Piers Morgan launched in January, the show is way up compared to CNN’s 4th quarter average, increasing +58% in the demo (268k vs. 170k) and +29% among total viewers (846k vs. 657k).

CNN’s In the Arena at 8 pm showed strong gains as well, increasing +33% in May (197k vs. 148k), MSNBC’s Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell was up only 6% (267k vs. 253k) and FNC’s O’Reilly Factor was off -9% (636k vs. 700k) in the demo. Since In the Arena launched (February 28) the program is up +62% among 25-54 vs. CNN’s 4th quarter average (219k vs. 135k), while MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell is down -12% since his launch (January 24) vs. Olbermann’s 4th quarter average (253k vs. 288k).

Other CNN ratings highlights for May:

At 7 pm, John King, USA beat MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews in the key demo (245k vs. 210k) with Hardball falling to third place in May. JK, USA also increased +56% in the demo 25-54 (245k vs. 157k) and +44% in total viewers (665k vs. 463k) vs. May 2010, while MSNBC was up only 22% in the demo (210k vs. 172k) and 15% in total viewers (752k vs. 654k).

At 5 pm, CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer increased +35% in the demo vs. last year (238k vs. 176k), and topped MSNBC’s Hardball (187k). The program also topped Hardball in total viewers (802k vs. 763k) and increased +33% in 2+ (802k vs. 603k) vs. a year ago. In addition, the Situation Room at 6 pm was up +43% in the demo (243k vs. 170k) and increased +43% in total viewers (760k vs. 532k) and outperformed MSNBC in both categories.

CNN Newsroom’s Suzanne Malveaux-led hour at 12 noon topped FNC (201k vs. 199k) in the key demo and a tight race has developed at 3pm with the Brooke Baldwin-led hour at 3pm posting 208k in the demo 25-54, with Fox News/Shep Smith averaging 209k. CNN Newsroom also outperformed MSNBC every hour throughout dayside (9am-5pm) in both total viewers and the key demo 25-54, posting gains from 26%-43% each hour in the demo compared to a year ago. In head-to-head comparisons with MSNBC’s daytime non-opinion programming, CNN had a +67% advantage in total viewers (676k vs. 403k) and a +66% lead among adults 25-54 (207k vs. 125k).

State of the Union with Candy Crowley on Sunday at 9 am topped MSNBC in total viewers (424k vs. 268k) and in the demo (151k vs. 116k) and again at 12 noon in both categories. Fareed Zakaria GPS at 10 am also topped MSNBC in total viewers (456k vs. 240k) and in the demo 25-54 (149k vs. 99k) and at 1 pm, GPS outperformed MSNBC and grew +22% in total viewers (689k vs. 567k) and +12% in the demo (182k vs. 162k) . Reliable Sources outperformed MSNBC in both categories and was up +33% (603k vs. 455k) in total viewers and increased +47% among adults 25-54 (202k vs. 137k) compared to last May.

CNN reached a cumulative audience of 117 million viewers in May, FNC lagged behind with 94 million and MSNBC averaged 92 million. This represents CNN’s best cumulative audience since January 2010 (Haiti earthquake).


In May, was up double-digits over last year with 1.6 billion global page views (+11%), and set a new mobile web traffic record with 239.8 million page views for the month. also had the 6th highest traffic day in its history with 125 million page views on May 2, the day after the announcement of bin Laden’s death. Also on that day, video usage was the 5th highest day in’s history with 17.9 million video views.


In May, breaking news related to bin Laden’s death and feature reporting added to traffic increases.

The World section was up 32% over last month and 78% over last year with 134.4 million global page views due to breaking news of bin Laden’s death.

CNN Opinion had 18.4 million global page views in May, 62% higher than last year. Top writers LZ Granderson, Bob Greene, David Frum and Roland Martin all had stories that reached more than a half-million page views.

Blogs continue to drive traffic to the site, with 129.3 million domestic page views in May. This represents the highest month to date for the CNN Blog Network, with traffic up 13% over the prior month and 59% over the prior year.

This Just In, The Political Ticker, The Marquee Blog, Belief Blog and The Chart were the most-trafficked blogs for May.

Belief Blog had its best month ever with 12.8 million page views, up 159% over the prior month, with the top post related to Doomsday with nearly 1.4 million page views.


Total global video usage in May reached 121.8 million starts, up by 33% over last year; with live video up 159% over last month.

(Source: Omniture SiteCatalyst)


In May, the CNN Mobile website set a new record with 247 million global page views, up 54% versus May 2010. (Source: Bango Analytics –– Bango tracking began in May 2010)

According to Nielsen, CNN Mobile continues to be No. 1 in Mobile in News and Current Events, for 52 consecutive months. (Nielsen Mobile MediaView – March 2011 – latest data available)

All content, unless otherwise cited, is © All Things CNN and may not be used without consent of the blog administrator.


Anonymous said...

Rough week for CNN with the exception of
360. CNN can't afford to wait too much longer
to make changes to the line up. Maybe CNN
could try some new shows for June & July. At
this point CNN's got nothing to lose. I really
don't think people would miss Piers Morgan
or In The Arena.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with the above comment.
Piers Moron had on Paris Hilton and her "mom." Who gives a s---.
CNN should use the summer to try Pier's replacements in that time slot. He's busy with his "second job" on America's Got Talent, so why not?
Jon Stewart hit Palin right between the eyes on The Daily Show tonite. His caption for her bus tour was "Driving Miss Crazy." No One does political humor like Stewart. NO ONE.

Anonymous said...

360 should have included Joplin and how those poor people managed to celebrate Memorial Day with their lives in shambles.
How could this story be dropped so quickly and WHOSE fault is it that such an important story was deleted and substituted wiht trash from past with Nancy Grace and Mark Gerogos as the panelists???
Tonite that show was just SLAPPED together.
CNN haven't you learned anything yet? Guess not.
Everyone is busy with second jobs.

Anonymous said...

I hope CNN never gets rid of Jeffrey Toobin, he's one of the few people there who speaks the truth. He repeatedly pointed out that Andrew Breitbart has a history of scamming and suspicious tactics. I don't know what Rep. Weiner did or didn't do, but I do know that Breitbart should be called out by CNN for being a liar instead of being coddled by them.

Anonymous said...

No wonder CNN's ratings are in a downward
spiral. Andrew Breitbart decides the content
for CNN. Now we know why the facts don't
matter for CNN anymore. Great to see they
are a failure. It is now being run by Breitbart
who is known for just making stuff up. CNN
wouldn't know news if it gave them a kick
in the butt. Jon Stewart 10 CNN 0. Just quit
why you are behind.

Anonymous said...

Piers Morgan's interview yesterday with Paris Hilton and her mom makes me truely believe that CNN needs to get rid of this show. He kept on stating how she is a hard working business person and kept on highly defending her, etc. OH PLEASE! It's just because he is a friend of the family. And having her mom there didn't help either!

And on the next show...Jerry Springer will be on. No joke. I even feel that Anderson Cooper is wondering why he is following this guy. Going from a pointless interview to serious news.

Anonymous said...

Something about the Weiner story just does
not pass the smell test. It is too obvious with
his last name it is like 12 yr boy bathroom
humor. CNN needs to get a life. You don't
call the cops when your Twitter account is
hacked. You shut it down. I also call Johnny
Deep and Bradley Cooper my boyfriend. It is
a common phrase these days.

I agree about 360 last night. It was tabloid
trash. I am betting 3rd place finish. The
story about the 13 yr old Syrian boy should
have been right behind the cell phone/cancer
story. Have you seen the video of children
marching in protest in Syria. The kids are
brave and should be the lead story not a
joke of a story like Anthony Weiner.

If CNN keeps this up, I am going to have to
turn off the channel for a couple of months
and stick with Netflix and go to BBC or NPR
for real news.

Anonymous said...

360 better get it's act together really fast and
cover real news. NBC will likely put Brian Williams
new prime time news show on at 10 PM. NBC is
going for those 360 viewers and those who are
interested in Nightline and late news. WIth Brian
Williams at the helm, you know it will be good.
The just grabbed Rome Hartman away from BBC.
I am thinking it will also get an early morning
rerun on MSNBC. CNN does need to try and see
if some sample shows can gain viewers during
the summer. Also, Countdown will kick off on
Current this summer. The promos are here.
Piers Morgan & Eliot Spitzer need to go now.

Anonymous said...

The only reason Palin or Breitbart should EVER be on any CNN program is if they are being called out for the FRAUDS they are. Otherwise, who needs them? Nancy Grace, Mark Geragos and the Casey Anthony trial seem like old news. Old HLN News and that's where it should stay. If Piers thinks Paris worth an hour of anyone's time, then HE'S not worth an hour of anyone's time.

Anonymous said...

Translation : nobody wants to do PMT.
Paris Hilton played out way back when.
By the way CNN has the worst political
team on television. All they do is bring
on pundits. In The Arena & Piers Morgan
are 2 bad ideas that never should have
happened in the first place. Now fix it.
Get rid of them before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

Love it. CNN looks really stupid right about now.
Anthony Weiner just did a sit down interview with
Luke Russert. CNN has been irresponsible with
it's reporting. If the college student says she
never got the photo, how did it just end up with
Andrew Breitbart ? CNN needs to be harder on
people who come forward and make accusations.
Journalism doesn't matter for CNN. I'm with Jon
Stewart. If something is in a blog, journalists
should not treat it as the gospel. If that is a
lewd photo, Calvin Klein underwear models
are in big trouble along with several other
fashion advertisers.

Anonymous said...

The Twittersphere is calling out CNN and how
this is no big deal. Did CNN miss that Breitbart
has to be stalking some followers of people on
Twitter. So now we all know that right wing
crazies are actually Twitter stalkers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all those who agreed with me about 360 last nite.
Everytime I call out that program it never gets posted!!!