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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Your Views on the News 5/28/11

We honor our veterans and their families for their sacrifices and service. Please have a safe and Happy Memorial Day.

If you want to share your Views on the News this is the place.

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Anonymous said...

Christine Romans should stick to financial news and Suzanne Malveux, who I am a big fan of, should return to reporting for the White House with Ed Henry. I think the CNN schedule should look more like this:

6AM-10AM: American Morning with Kiran Chetry & Ali Velshi

10AM-2PM: CNN Newsroom with Kyra Phillips & Carol Costello

2PM-6PM: CNN Newsroom with Randi Kaye & Brooke Baldwin

6PM-8PM: The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer & John King

8PM-10PM: CNN Tonight with Soledad O'Brien & Eliot Spitzer

10PM-12AM: CNN360ยบ with Anderson Cooper & Isha Sesay

12AM-6AM: CNN International

Weekend mornings with TJ Holmes & Fredricka Whitifield. Weekend afternoons with Alina Cho & Drew Griffin, and weekend evenings with Don Lemon & Hala Gorani. Have Piers Morgan do one celebrity interview a week, airing Saturday with a Sunday repeat or move him to HLN. No reason to keep the same show format as Larry King. Keep Candy Crowley, Fareed Zakaria, Howard Kurtz, Sanjay Gupta, etc. with their shows on the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Although you seem to have given this schedule alot of thought, I disagree with some of the line up.
Ali Velchi should NOT be given a morning spot.
He is a business anchor and we should hear from him on weekends ONLY.
I agree that Suzanne Malveux should return to covering the White House with Ed Henry.
But to have Wolf Blitzer who has proven himself for decades on CNN, sharing his 2 hours, which was 3, with John King is ridiculous.
Both are star performers and if anything, John King should take over Eliot Spitzer's spot or go back to weekends and do away wtih Candy Crowley. King did a much better job with that show and traveled the country while Candy sticks like glue to the studio.
The worst combo had to be Soledad with Eliot.
I like Eliot but now agree, he is not ready for primetime. And Soledad should stick to documentaries or co-host with Kiran.
As for Kyra, let her join her hubby on Fox.
Do agree with the AC combo with Isha now that AC is "flexing his muscles" in daytime.
Also like the fact that the "Moron" is relegated to the weekends.
Give TJ a morning spot, perhpas with Kiran.
And at twelve NOON we should go back to Ted Turner's idea and see CNNi for one hour if only because the world is now more global than ever.

Anonymous said...

I am not enjoying the lower-cased graphics on CNN, especially because it is now in HD, everything looks smaller. I thought it was better when it was all capitalized.

Anonymous said...

John McCain really is a nut case if he thinks stupid Sarah can win over Obama who is absolutely brilliant.
The scary part is that there are people who are just as stupid as she who will vote for her because they don't want a black man in the White House.
Even Chris Christie is better than she and I never thought I'd say that. At least he can read a map.
The woman knows absolutely nothing except how to market herself!
It was frightening enough having her a heartbeat away from being President.
In this country, even Snookie can run and people would vote for her.
What a travesty!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know who will be anchoring CNN Republican debate on June 13th?

Anonymous said...

According to TVN, Sarah Palin "doesn't want to accommodate members of the news media, except for Fox."
With that said, she is NOT going to run for President.
When you run for President Sarah, you can't pick and chose who asks you questions.
You are another Donald Trump, afraid of full Katie Couric didn't prove you were dumb last time around.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to start from scratch with AM and
go with an all new team. The 2 hr news shows
are not working. Go back to the hour long news
show with fresh updates to stories that really
matter and add new material all day long, If
people are not getting decent ratings, you
don't promote them. CNN ruined Suzanne's show
with worthless segments and trying to make it
like TSR. Eliot Spitzer. Piers Morgan. Ali Velshi,
Kiran Chetry, Christine Romans, Carol Costello
and others are not working for CNN.
CNN had better find a way to promote Don
Lemon and TJ Holmes before they lose them
to other networks. These 2 clearly deserve a
higher profile. They are getting better numbers
than their daily counterparts at times. I like
Fredricka on the weekends. With the exception
of 360 , I would not watch any of the other
teams. The assembling of teams for news
shows has to have a certain chemistry and
many of those names just don't have them.

Anonymous said...

CNN is a joke, They are the Sarah Palin, tea
party, right wing crazies network and it is
destroying CNN's brand. Once upon a time
you could believe the news you saw on CNN.
Not any more. First, they must fix the credibility
issues. CNN must split from Dana Loesh and
Breitbart and RedState. These are not legit news
orgs and they need to recognize the difference.
CNN is treating the Anthony Weiner story like
it is his problem. It is clear he did not send the
photo and if you know anything about social
media and fake photos you know it was just
peddled by right wing activists. CNN must
get these people off of the payroll. I don't
think CNN ever went heavy with John Ensign
and he is facing possible jail time. Don't
waste your time watching CNN, they can't
get the facts straight. The fact that this is
being pimped by right wing blogs and Dana
Loesh is right in the middle of it with tweets
along with some guy on Twitter should send
up red flags. Funny how CNN failed to say
anything about Dana Loesh in their story.
These are the same birther folks back again
trying to get the media to follow a fake news
story rather than real news. CNN is nothing
like what Ted Turner envisioned. Turner
understood news on a global scale. The
current people running the network are
not visionaries .

Anonymous said...

Erin Burnett as a permanent host with alternating
female reporters at CNN networks to target women
with a news show at 8 PM. Yes. music is vital to
the show and is used to connect with a particular
news item. Pick a different opening/closing song
each day and have song in and out of breaks.
The possibilities are endless and it won't be the
same thing over and over again.

If CNN can get George Strombo, we say yes.
Have checked out the show on line, would be a
good fit being it strikes the right mix of being
a news/interview show. Put him on at 9 PM.

360 from 10 PM to midnight. It is the hottest
show on CNN and it could get better ratings if
CNN keeps the content interesting.

At midnight switch to CNN International. Give
viewers as much live news as possible.

At 7 stick with John King, but make the show
title fit. America is bigger than Washington.
Stop being an inside the beltway show with
talking heads. Give us news from all across
the U.S. mixed with global news and interviews.

Do the current Sit Room at 5 but at 6 have
Wolf Blitzer do a completely different version
of the Sit Room with a different format. Make
it a competitor of the big 3 evening newscasts.

CNN needs only 1 show with the title News
Room. If you go to the website it is the same
except for they change the anchors.

Right before Wolf have a show based on news
in social media ,tech and digital media and
people who are actually changing the world
with apps, gaming, innovation and the next
big thing.I say give all of the tech people
who are on CNN during the weekends the
show. Mario, Katie, Mark and tech people
from 3- 5 PM. CNN does not
have a decent business show. CNN overall
misses too many news stories that you see
on Bloomberg, ABC, CBS & NBC.

We have to put some thought into dayside but
it is clear American Morning like most CNN
shows is in trouble. Do you really have to go
with permanent anchors from 9-5. Mix things
up each day and stop going with tired old
formulas for the news. VH1's Morning Buzz
is better than American Morning.

Without a doubt CNN really should use music
all day long. Nobody reads news or books
with out music in the background these days.
Of course this is because of mobile devices.

There are very few personalities in the cable
news universe that people tune in to see.
You either have it or you don't. It is essential
to have anchors and hosts on the air that
won't turn viewers off. Sadly, that is the big
problem with Piers Morgan and Eliot Spitzer.
They just are not good at tv and you are not
interested in the shows and turn the channel.

CNN needs to focus on content. Use the
resources of CNN, CNN I , Time, SI and
all of the other Time Warner properties.
Get away from ideology and do some real
reporting. I am sorry but the reporting and
story-telling needs some attention. The
writing is lacking.

Why CNN wants to put more crap on the
screen with HD is beyond me. Video is
really important for a visual medium.

CNN needs new faces. Go for a Chris Cuomo
for a new morning show along with Toure,
who used to be with CNN by the way.
Mabye Isha Sesay as the female anchor
along with some digital journos.

Anonymous said...

Anticipating the May 2011 numbers. Let's
see what really happened. CNN needs to
think out of the box. Do you really have
to see the same shows each night. Heck,
how about movies related to news events
sometimes on the weekends. Too Big Too
Fail could be on CNN in the fall. A few years
back there was an HBO movie about how
CNN covered the first war in Iraq. I mean
movies that they have that are related to
the news and other HBO docs and Real
Sports.CNN has got to start thinking more
like USA, TNT and other cable outlets. A
movie on Saturday from 8- 10 just
might work. Not to even mention all of the
movies that TW own. Hello, Turner Classic
movies and Warner Bros. Let me be clear :
movies that are tied to actual events and
historical events like Midway. Since TW
already owns these. It would cost CNN
zero and it is a huge vault CNN can reach
into and have on Saturdays. Try once a
month in the fall and see what happens.
CNN is a cable news channel so keep it
news related and topical. I really don't
understand the repeats on CNN.

Suzanne Malveaux is a better anchor than
Kyra Phillips and Carol Costello. With you
on Randi Kaye. Agree about TJ and Don.
Brooke is getting better. I saw something
about 2 weeks ago that said Suzanne and
Randi were winning their time slots.

Toure would be interesting. I have seen
his shows on Fuse and it could be a type
of franchise show for CNN. Toure has
interviewed Lady Gaga. Lil Wayne and
others. I noticed that AJ Hammer has
a Jackson 5 special this weekend. I am
sure our moms might find the Jackson 5
interesting. Not my speed.

Anonymous said...

Here is my say. CNN should have learned after
the Donald Trump episode that Sarah Palin is
not news. Morning Joe said it best. AM was okay
when it was Tj & Kiran. The duo had were able
to grow the numbers and what happens. CNN
kicks Tj to the curb and bring on Christine and
Ali. What ? CNN is following Breitbart again and
giving him face time on the network. It is so easy
to punk CNN. Trump, Palin & Breitbart make this
pretty clear. You find yourself asking are they
really that dumb at CNN. Boycott CNN.

Anonymous said...

I always thought that CNN should just turn on
the cameras in the news room and out in the
field everyday and turn it into a daily news
show/drama if you will. Let's see all play out.
Conversations, tweets, live feeds, interviews.
Follow the story as it makes it 's way to the
air for viewers to see. Cameras everywhere.
Capturing moments all day long unfolding
live right before our eyes. Unscripted moments
can be the best stuff ever. Do we have to see
people just reading a teleprompter all day long.
Even the meetings of the shows producers
deciding on the stories being featured on CNN
shows all day long and out in the field footage
of reporters and photographers en route to
the stories you will see on CNN all day long.

A real, raw behind the scene looks at the
daily gathering of news. Show it as it is
actually coming together and show the
finished products during the show and if
it is not done or is playing out all day long
just use a stay tuned banner. I call it real
time news. All day long tell viewers when
they can see the final product and on
which shows the various stories will be
featured on CNN. Stream all of this live
in the internet.

Anonymous said...

CNN is about to have a major league
embarrassment. The kids are light
years ahead of CNN. Already, they
have traced the tweets to one guy
and the race is on to reveal who he
truly is. C'mon CNN Andrew Breitbart.
When someone comes on your network
and makes accusations about underaged
girls , you better have proof and not just
make stuff up. By the way is CNN admitting
it employs some Breitbart employees. On
air apologies coming soon. As Bugs says
what a moron, what a dope.

Anonymous said...

I'm a longtime CNN viewer and, usually a fan. Has anyone else noticed that John King has a habit of repeating himself to make a point? It's beginning to annoy me a bit.

Anonymous said...

Folks, whether you like Sarah Palin or not, and I don't, she still IS NEWS.
If Jon Stewart thinks she's news, and has a bit about her, then she's news.
Tonite his piece was as good as it gets.
His caption under her tour bus was:
"Driving Miss Crazy" and Samantha Bee was the reporter and as clever as ever.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:50 , love the idea. Sounds pretty
ambitious and nothing like that exists now.
Sure technology can help . You can use an
Iphone for live shots and steaming live news
and events. Yes lets see all of the people it
takes to make the news come to us. How do
you pull something like this off ? I say also
have still photos and people take photos with
a phone or other means. It might actually get
viewers to stick with CNN longer than usual.
CNN needs to modernize and evolve. I hope
the plan would also include CNN International.
I also say have sub titles for all of the people
you will see. Yes the anchors and the reporters
you might know but not the others. Just a
simple first name and job description. Along
with the time this all went down. Hope it
really happens. Cable news can be boring
but this might actually get viewers to stick
with CNN for longer periods. Hope it really
happens. Would definitely DVR this. This
could be the new show for 8 PM. It can
have kind of a Wire vibe to it. It must be
fast paced and edited like a drama you
could see on HBO. Soundtrack included.

Anonymous said...

When Joy Behar on HLN gets better ratings on an off nite than AC/360,
there is something wrong with the show that ultimately put Mr.Cooper in the limelite.
Perhaps more time should be spent improving what you have, rather than looking for more of what you haven't.