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Monday, May 2, 2011

Real Breaking News!

When the news broke of the impending announcement by President Obama that Osama Bin Laden had been killed by the US military CNN was quick to assemble a team and get on air. Wolf Blitzer anchored from Washington, DC.

CNN contributor Peter Bergen joined Wolf in the CNN DC studios.

Ed Henry reported from the White House lawn.

John King was at the magic wall with a geography lesson on where Osama was hiding out.

Also Fran Townsend, Jason Carroll from Times Square in NYC, Chris Lawrence from the Pentagon, Gloria Borger, Nic Robertson by Skype and David Gergen all spoke with Wolf.

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Anonymous said...

CNN , where is Kaj Larsen. Kaj is a former
navy seal ? He can offer great insight about
this type of military action. Kaj should be
on CNN all day long. They need to start
getting him involved in news events of
this fashion.

Anonymous said...

So far 2011 is shaping up to be one of the most
remarkable years in world history. Bin Laden is
dead after a shoot to kill military mission by the
United States. The quake/tsunami double disaster
in Japan. Events in the Middle East are still in
motion. Historic tornadoes. Most of these events
are on the global stage. It is time for CNN to
focus on the news period. It would be irresponsible
to even have the pundits on CNN as we learn more
about this mission with fascinating details becoming
public. There is video and photos that exist and
it is possible we might get to see some of the
raid and what was going on.

The trivial manner in which CNN has covered
President Obama speaks volumes about how
bad CNN has become.CNN the news is the
star. Just bring us the news. We don't need
the sideshow.

Ironically, Seth Meyers made a joke about
Bin Laden and President Obama played it
cool. CNN needs to understand that Obama
does things differently. This administration
kept this under wraps for 10 months. These
are a very disciplined people.

At some point CNN officials need to understand
the fake and made up news can't continue on
the network. There are real events playing out
right before our very own eyes. These moments
matter not a whining Donald Trump or the
noise of the day in partisan circles.

When this first broke it was not CNN finest
hour. This should be a learning experience
that leads to changes at CNN. But FNC had
Geraldo on making outrageous speculation.
I am not sure which network looks the worst.

Anonymous said...

Maybe now CNN will quit bashing Obama. CNN
is too quick to jump on the Obama is a bad
president silliness. Barack Obama is a very
successful president. CNN ignores the facts.
It is sad that it took an historic moment of
the death of Bin Laden to boot Donald Trump.
CNN should no longer be a part of the campaign
to discredit Obama. The choice is theirs. CNN
should move Carol Costello off of the anchor
desk now. Did she miss the firefight. Barbara
Star schooled her big time.

Guess what CNN the news broke on Twitter
first. CNN social media is important.CNN
hire a social media team to monitor Twitter,
Facebook & Youtube. It is called real time
news and CNN needs to get as close to doing
real time news as possible.

Anonymous said...

CNN will try to spin the OBL story to make it appear that President Obama had very little to do with it and that the groundwork was laid by the Bush Administration. There'll be lots of questions about whether or not the President can take credit for it and of course the pundits will answer in the negative. It's always the same pattern with CNN.

OBL's death is a huge moment for President Obama. For all of Bush and Cheney's bluster, they couldn't get it done.

Anonymous said...

On Sunday nite at 11PM, 7.23 million people tuned into CNN to hear Wolf Blitzer and John King deliver the news that Osama bin Lauden was dead.
I rest my case. THE NEWS IS THE STAR and it always will be.
Check the totals on TVN.
If news is important enough, it does not matter in the least who is delivering it as long as they are COMPETENT. (Geraldo Rivera on Fox was in way over his head to handle this story.)
It is the unimportant events, that people look for their "favorite anchor."

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct.
CNN has already started their partisan effort to twist events and put lingering doubts in their viewers minds as to whether or not the POTUS should take credit for this operation.
It has just begun.