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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Royal Ratings

CNN's Royal Wedding/Nielsen Fast National Data for Friday, April 29, 2011:

* CNN's coverage of the Royal Wedding (4:00a-10:00a) delivered 1.662 million total viewers and 714k P25-54, up 473% and 500% over the prior 4-Friday performance, respectively.

* CNN was top rated in both total viewers and P25-54, topping second-place FXNC by 7% among total viewers and 52% among P25-54. CNN also out-performed third-place MSNBC by 164% among total viewers and by 146% among P25-54 (4:00a-10:00a).

* This is CNN's best 4:00a-10:00a P2+ delivery since the day after the 2008 Presidential Election (November 5, 2008) and its best P25-54 delivery since news of the Japan earthquake hit last month (March 11, 2011).

* Piers Morgan's special coverage of the Royal Wedding (8:00p-10:00p) delivered 1.286 million total viewers and 397k P25-54, up 121% and 139% over prior 4-Friday performance, respectively. This represents CNN's best 8:00p-10:00p among both P2+ and P25-54 since March 20, 2011 (start of crisis in Libya).

* Anderson Cooper's Royal Wedding Special (10:00p-12:00m) delivered 940k total viewers and 331k P25-54, up 43% and 40%, respectively, over prior 4-Friday performance.
This is CNN's best 10:00p-12:00m P2+ and P25-54 delivery since April 8, 2011 (Congressional Budget Deal reached).

CNN's Cume Delivery (4:00a-10:00a):

*CNN registered a total audience cume delivery of 9.634 million, up 152% over its prior 4 Friday average, and 4.056 million P25-54, up 180% over cume delivery achieved the prior 4 Fridays.

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Anonymous said...

Finally, CNN got it's act together. Bin Laden
has be captured and killed. For some time
when it was apparent that a huge national
security matter was rising CNN was wasting
time on Donald Trump. That circus needs to
end as of tonight. CNN should not have even
done anything on Donald Trump knowing
that President Obama would have a late
night statement from the White House.CNN
needs to make sure nothing like this happens
again. How is that the silliness of Donald
Trump took precedence over the death
of Bin Laden ?

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that Bin Laden goes down 10 years after 9/11.

After Obama/Seth Myers ripped Trump apart, NO ONE should be talking to him and especially not now when far more serious matters are afoot.

Anonymous said...

CNN really needs to knock it off with the
Obama is weak junk. Same thing goes for
the people saying he does not love the
United States. Obama knows what he is
doing and this just shows he is capable of
handling several matters at once. Don't
ever put Obama and Trump on the same
level. The President is out of Trump's
league and CNN needs to respect that.

Please be fair to Wolf Blitzer & John King.
They were the best tonight. I agree it was
a mistake for CNN to put Donald Trump
in the newscast. Did CNN not get that
this was serious for the first 15 mins.
CNN just misses the boat all of the time
with President Obama.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised at this press release and 4 million viewers is highly exaggerated.
The cablers shared approximately 2.5 million viewers in total.
CNN probably also beat FOX NEWS tonite in the Bid Laden death report. Wolf was on, along with John King and Ed Henry...their top brass.
Fox News had Geraldo Rivera. Nothing else need be said.

susan said...

1:22am You might not like Anderson Cooper but he should have covered the story from NY. I don't understand why everyone covering the story was in DC.