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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Your Views on the News 5/14/11

Here's your chance to share your opinion on anything CNN related.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a little confused about American Morning. Ali Velshi responded to a tweet a few weeks ago saying that he would only be co-anchoring with Kiran Chetry until the end of April. It's mid-May now and he is still on with Kiran and Christine. So is it permanent? I like him on American Morning, but Christine needs to go. She is trying too hard, and you read on Kiran's face sometimes "why is she anchoring with me?" CNN's anchors are mixing up too much. What's the point in hearing "I'm so-and-so in for Kyra Phillips" or "I'm so-and-so in for Ali Velshi".

Anonymous said...

I understand that CNN has gone HD but I hate their on-screen graphics! I cannot read anything because the graphics are too small! Not only that, they are lowercased at times and long sentences are written out now and change frequently, distracting me from listening to people speak. It's needs to be bigger and simple. Get rid of the animated box that contains show logo/segment and replace it with a bigger CNN logo and LIVE tab above it to the far left, which would expand the subject/headline banner box. Also get rid of the time box, too pointless. I can barely even read the city location tab that appears on top of the screen. The graphics need to be redone and better. It plays a big part in watching CNN.

Anonymous said...

In an article in NYT print edition,
advertisers have finally acknowledged the fact that demographics have changed because of the recession, and baby boomers are to be recognized as the class with "the money."
Younger people have found it increasingly difficult to obtain/retain high paying jobs with college degrees and have less spending power. Older adults are just as willing to buy digital items as those formerly targeted in the 25-54 group.
This is something that Cablers have to reconsider as well.
Fox News, for example, figured this
out along time ago.
People 55 and older, still have pulses, buy flat screen TV's, and trendy items, if only to look and feel younger...and they have the buying power to do it, and many of them are retired, living on good pensions and watch TV.
CNN are you listening???

Anonymous said...

Piers Morgan Tonight is getting better but needs to move to weekends considering it's mainly a celebrity interview show. It's odd to have In The Arena cover news regarding Bin Laden, have an interview with Chaz Bono on Piers Morgan, then have Anderson Cooper continue with the Bin Laden news. Not sure why CNN chose to continue with the interviewing style of Larry King. I understand that Piers Morgan does cover breaking news at times but he just seems unmatched too CNN Primetime. Move to weekends, or HLN.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the cluttered CNN graphics and disagree about Piers Morgan Tonite, "getting better."
How could it get any worse?
The man is totally out of his relm when it comes to delivering the "News."
He has ALWAYS been a gossip columnist
and cannot handle hard news.
Having Chaz Bono on was like having
a "freak show," for entertainment in the middle of serious discussions in prime time.
It was pure sensationalism and DID belong on HLN and that's where Piers should be.
As for the graphics, under the visual, the font is way too small and usually I find myself reading the graphics and not listening to the main story.
Yes, it is distracting and there is entirely too much clutter on the screen.
Christine needs to go, along with Ali Velchi. She's useless and Ali also needs to be on HLN doing business reports. He seems out of place no matter where they place him on CNN.

Anonymous said...

Let's have all the hard news reporters like AC, John King, Wolf Blitzer, etc. stay at CNN and wipe the slate clean sending everyone else to HLN.
Piers belongs with Dr Drew. All great minds think alike.
He can join Nancy Grace and Joy Behar and everyone can interview each other.
This way CNN, can start hiring REAL journalists.

Anonymous said...

@2:03AM - I totally agree! Keep all the great anchors and journalists and send all the others to HLN which has become more of a news talk show channel. However, it would be awesome to bring Larry King to do an hour interview once a week with a newsmaker and air it Saturday night with a Sunday repeat.

Anonymous said...

Have to say that Katie Couric has a demanding presense.
Anybody who watched her 60 Minutes interview with Secry.of Defense Gates would have to agree.
She interrogates without anyone even realizing and gets responses like the POTUS did a "gutsey" thing. Something that is completly with Palin.
ABC will probably pick up her option on a syndicated talkshow if CBS still hasn't. They would be silly not to.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to reformat all of it's shows.
All of the so-called news channels are
getting stale.CNN needs programs with
mass appeal. Cable news has to come up
with original programming. People could
care less about Casey Anthony or celebs.

CNN needs to start experimenting on weekends.
Try going with an anchor free hour at 9 instead
of Piers Morgan, which people don't watch during
the week. CNN could use material from CNN Go,
Eco Solutions , I-list , Inside Africa, Backstory,
etc. to come up with Discovery type shows.

If they are looking to go with a live audience,
they have have to go after people like George
Strombo. Not sure if they could pull this off
but hey the got Conan in the TW family.

CNN could also do a news show based on
news from the web and social media. Quit
being too repetitive.

TW is a huge media company. The own
mags and websites. Engadget is one of the
most popular sites. Guess who owns it and
Time video is awesome as well as the Time
Newsfeed. Being a part of TW makes a ton
of resources available for CNN. They just
don't know how to use what they have.

FNC viewers are older than 65. They don't
get large numbers of baby boomers. It is
not a model for the future. The future of
cable news has yet to be created. I don't
see anyone being creative are innovative.
It is the music and newspaper industry all
over again.

Don't even get me started on graphics and
banners. Do they really need to cover a
quarter of the screen. It makes me regret
HD while watching the news. CNN should
drop the banners after 10 seconds and not
have on during the whole story. ESPN knows
how to make it look good and not block the

Also, get rid of the pundits. Talk about
a lack of imagination. It shows laziness. it
should be conversation and discussion not
ideology. Same for Piers Morgan and Eliot
Spitzer. They are bad tv.

I can't take AM. Don't like any of them.

Anonymous said...

I meant "commanding presense," when I spoke of Katie Couric's interview.
anon: 8:31pm

Anonymous said...

CBS,ABC & NBC get how to use HD during the
news.Is there a written rule in cable news that
makes the banner a permanent fixture. TV is
a visual medium. All video should be run full
screen with the exception of a media bar like
you get when you watch news on the internet.

FOX is having some troubles on weekends and
with Hannity and Greta. They are losing viewers.
I agree about CNN and resources. It would cost
nothing for CNN to do this. Move the show title
to the right and have it animate from CNN logo
to show title all day long.. No crawls. Go with
infographics for crawl replacements. Just have
a video or pics with a sentence saying the news
during the breaks not using headlines that are
not a part of the show and can be used for
updating stories. Heck even show tweets from
your reporters on the stories they are working
on that will be seen on CNN. Same thing with
Face Book posts from reporters.

CNN does need to add more international news.
Why they underuse CNN International is beyond
me. That is a no brainer.

CNN become the world's largest source for
news, information and conversation. Debate
is one of the overused words on CNN. Have
an intelligent discussion. You can talk without
yelling or eye rolling. Make sure it is factually
based and not lies to viewers. For example,
the debt and deficit are 2 very different things.
Last week someone wrote an interesting item
on cable. news. One point raised in the article
was wether the people on cable news really
understand the news they deliver and sadly
the conclusion was no. Reporter should do
research and know the facts.

Which leads me to another problem for CNN.
They have the worst packaging in the world.
Your money means it is tangible not taxpayers
money. That is money that is not even in the
system. The government does not use any
bill under 500 dollars. Why is the weather
extreme. Smart is the new rich makes no sense
at all. The slogans are horrible.

I hope that before the 2012 campaign CNN
comes up with a new approach to politics.
I am hoping they bring back Tom Foreman
for Raw Politics.

Fix HLN. Guess they could not stop at doing
damage to just CNN. Eliot Spitzer & Piers
Morgan never should have made it to tv.

I could go for the best of on
weekends but edited down versions so that
you will still visit CNN for more. I really like
the Discovery idea. I watch all their channels.

Anonymous said...

Can CNN, CNN I & HLN shows be available
like with HBO GO ? It is the best thing ever.
Time Warner needs to do the same with it's
news channels if you are a subscriber , it
should come with benefits. Not only that
take a step further with live streaming. Think
multi-platform,accessibility and mobile

I really like News Stream but the show is not
widely available in the U.S. Please make full
episodes available to all of the news shows
just like HBO GO. In the future I hope to see
CNN Go featuring shows from CNN, CNN I
& HLN. Online viewing is becoming so big
that Nielsen is considering adding it to the
television ratings for shows.

Okay, I have a Game Of Thrones addiction.
More than 8 million have viewed the show
online. I have Direc TV, internet and mobile
devices as do millions of others. If you pay
for it, you should have easy access.

HBO has a brilliant idea with Game of Thrones.
After Episode 6, you can go watch an advance
copy of Episode 7 on the web. I have read
that Jeff Bewkes is a fan of TV Everywhere. So
am I. It is a way for cable companies to compete
with HULU & Netflix. It is your product. You have
to work it.

Anonymous said...

IMHO the news should be getting better and
not worse. Journalists have so many tools now.
Technology has changed everything. CNN really
needs a Tech Show with Katie, Mario & Mark.
Why are the only on during the weekends. Tech
is way more popular than politics. CNN is so
clueless. Go to the CNN website and you will
notice that Tech is behind politics, justice and
entertainment. Bloomberg is way ahead of CNN
with Bloomberg West.CNN

What happened to HLN. Now I can't even tune
in for half an hour to find out what is going on.
That is the problem with cable news. News is
lacking. Story-telling, original reports and
in depth segments.

BY the way CNN Dr. Kaku is in , Bill Nye is out.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to be chasing the real news
stories and not Donald Trump. He is the
latest example of how easy it is to punk
the 24/7 news channels.

MSNBC has a banner at the top/bottom and
they have no issues with video. CNN needs to
fix the aspect ratio. I agree about ESPN. They
all of the info on the screen look great and not
clunky and in the way.

CNN can only say we got pundits and that
is what makes them boring. This is the age
of Youtube, Facebook & Twitter. People just
offering their opinions played out last century.
Someone has to bring CNN into the 21st
century. We have an everchanging world and
cable news needs to reflect modern society.

Even NBC gets it. Brian Williams will have a
Nightline type show in prime time. Nightline
is a hit with 18-49 year olds who really are
not into Leno or Letterman.CNN needs a
news magazine show.

Anonymous said...

Just last week there was a survey released
of the must have channels. CNN was # 22.
It was the highest ranking news network. It
likely is due to breaking news. If something
big is happening you turn to CNN. That is
shown in the ratings for CNN this year. I am
hoping Dr Gupta will interview the kid in
Canada who might have found a cure for
cystic fibrosis. I am in favor of more stories
that are positive than negative. CNN needs to
keep an eye out for Bloomberg. Recently,
Bloomberg announced it will be getting into
Nielsen ratings. I don't take CNN serious for
business news. I don't think Ali Velshi or
Christine Romans understand the difference
between the deficit and the debt. They have
zero credibility on business matters. If they
did the business shows would not be political.
Maybe this will change with Erin Burnett.

Anonymous said...

I take issue with the statement:"CNN was the highest ranking news network."
You fail to quote the source.
According to TVN Fox News is always is the top ten of cablers.
#22 is not the top ten.
If you state something as fact there has to be a source or it is not relevant.

Anonymous said...

According to TVN and the NYPost, Don Lemon has revealed that he is gay.
This by no means diminishes his work. However, he goes on to say that every gay person "needs to come out at their own time."
Call me old fashion, but there are people who, like myself, feel that this is totally a private matter and no, we don't NEED to know and embrace your sexuality.
In some cases it may well be the end of a career, even in the 21st century. And some "stars" already are aware of this.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is not running for President because he looked like a stupid fool after Obama's announcement about bin Laden.
He realized there was no way he could ever win running against him.
No matter what he thinks of the POTUS, Obama's star has risen and he will become very hard to beat in '012. Trump became a joke, a man who judges a game show on TV as opposed to the Commander in Chief and the leader of the free world.