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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Sissy Boy Experiment

In a special three-part series, Anderson Cooper 360° examines a shocking "experimental therapy" designed to make feminine boys more masculine. Tune in tonight to see what one family says was the devastating result in a special report titled "The Sissy Boy Experiment." The series, with additional reporting from, begins airing tonight at 10pm ET on CNN with special features found on

His doctors called him “Kraig.” His parents were afraid he was too effeminate and might grow up to be gay. So, at age 4, Kraig was enrolled in a government-funded program at UCLA dubbed “The Feminine Boy Project” where Kraig was plunged into a series of experiments using aggressive aversion therapy. The behaviors judged effeminate were beat out of him—literally and figuratively—and Kraig’s case was judged a success. A success until, at age 38, this “poster child” for changing gender identity disorder was so depressed and disturbed he committed suicide.
In this heartbreaking series, Anderson Cooper speaks with Kraig’s family who blame the therapy for his suicide and will look into the man behind the therapy - Dr. George Rekers - who was later caught up in scandal after hiring a male escort.

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Anonymous said...

How awful. Too bad the parents couldn't have just left "Kraig" alone, no therapy, just love and acceptance. Rekers is still in denial apparently.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if CNN will miss when Gadhafi
goes down. Nato is say prepare for a
transition government. If this is true, I
wonder if the rebels will give us a break
on oil in wake of what happened with
Opec today. Yes you cover Anthony Weiner
but not as a lead story.

Anonymous said...

360 had better lead with the killing of children
protesters in Syria. From the beginning these
brave kids started out painting protest signs
now they are being killed for standing up to
the government. Thousands of Syrians are
crossing the Turkish border with documented
video evidence of what is going on in Syria.
Enough already with Anthony Weiner. I want
so much for 360 to get it's uniqueness back.
There was a time when all of the others would
be covering Weiner and AC would have a story
that no one else was even talking about.